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Dr. Kadri Jamil's Statement on the Nonparticipation in the Riyadh Meeting

Yesterday night, the Moscow Platform informed the Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of its apology for not attending the expanded meeting of the Syrian opposition, because of the lack of consensus during the meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference on the foundations and principles which the negotiating delegation – that should be the result of the expanded meeting in Riyadh on 22- 24 of this month – should be based upon.

Your Task: Implementation Only...

The debate over the upcoming round of the Geneva negotiations over the Syrian crisis is becoming serious once again, in the context of the ongoing preparations for the resumption of these negotiations on the 28th of this month, as the international envoy announced.

New Tension, New Retreat

The regional situation is witnessing new attempts to raise the level of tension, through a broad propaganda campaign, about the possibility of igniting a regional war, warning of «Apocalypse»!


Main Path and Supporting Paths

The declaration of the Russian Federation about the possibility of holding a conference for «Syrian national dialogue», has aroused the Geneva process from its stagnant state, and provoked the extremist forces in the Riyadh group, so they expressed mistrust and libeled the conference even before its nature, function and final features have been clarified.


Заявление д-ра Кадри Джамиля, главы оппозиционной группы «Московская платформа», секретаря партии «Народная воля»

Известно, что партия «Народная воля» со своими союзниками по «Фронту за перемены и освобождение» была первой политической силой, призвавшей еще в 2011 году к межсирийскому диалогу. Она прилагала всевозможные серьезные усилия, чтобы реализовать эту патриотическую задачу, исходя из необходимости преодолеть вспыхнувший в Сирии кризис, а также из глубокого понимания сирийской действительности, баланса сил в стране, опасности других альтернатив, и подтверждая право сирийского народа на всеобъемлющие коренные демократические изменения в обществе.

Statement by Dr. Kadri Jamil

Statement by Dr. Kadri Jamil, Head of the Moscow Platform, Secretary of the People's Will Party.

Race to the Solution

These days, an unprecedented race is taking place on the road to a political solution of the Syrian crisis, along more than one track and in more than one direction.


For every obstruction... initiative

The Syrian crisis was synchronous with the stage of formation of the new international balance of power, wherein an old world collapses, in its structure, its tools, and the nature of relations between its countries, at the same time when a new world is being born, though its final features are not yet clearly uncovered.


The Solution... and the Departure of all Forces

The Syrian homeland has become an open battlefield for the armies of many countries and different armed forces with different goals, objectives and roles. With the decline of the fascist forces and the approaching political solution, the fate of these forces has become part of the media discourse of the various forces, and there is no doubt that the departure of all foreign forces without exception, later, is considered in principle a legitimate national demand, on the grounds that such a presence is a violation of national sovereignty, regardless of its primacy, the justification of it, its legitimacy or its conformity or non-conformity with international law…

De Mistura speaks in clear Arabic

No preconditions, no postponement. these are the highlights of the briefing given by UN Envoy Staffan de Mistura to the UN Security Council on the upcoming round of the Geneva talks on the Syrian crisis, which should summarize his conclusions and his regional and international contacts and reflects the level of consensus reached by the two main players regarding the political solution in Syria.