Kassioun Editorial 1044: Astana + China, a Vehicle for 2254

Kassioun Editorial 1044: Astana + China, a Vehicle for 2254

What has been constant during all the years of the crisis, in addition to the roles of the extremists among Syrians, who are governed by their selfish interests, is that the role of the West, headed by Washington, and in close cooperation with “Israel”, has worked from the outset against a political solution, using various tools and methods, not the last of which are sanctions and an embargo.

Currently, despite its false insinuations of wanting a political solution, the West continues to work towards perpetuating the de facto division. This is in parallel with trying to drag Syria into a regional alignment and polarization in which it stands where it does not want to be – and through pretension of the normalizers with the Zionist entity to be Arabists – within an American front in the Middle East against the new international balance, and not only against Turkey and Iran.
If Russia was able to deal a severe blow to ISIS, and then Astana was able, through more than 4 years of its existence, to accomplish in principle the mission of a ceasefire, and to keep the political process alive through the Constitutional Committee – and these two matters are extremely important – nevertheless, the main tool that remains an obstacle to the comprehensive implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 and ending the Syrian catastrophe is now represented in two issues:
First: Western extortion through things like sanctions, an embargo, and reconstruction, in addition to the continuation of the illegal US military presence in parts of Syria, is no longer able by itself to prevent moving forward towards a solution.
Second: Trying to take advantage of the opportunism and narrow-mindedness of the extremists from the Syrian sides through carrots and sticks to keep them in the orbit of Western schemes.
Anyone who has objectively observed the entirety of Western behavior, particularly the American-Zionist behavior, over the past few years, can find more than enough irrefutable evidence that the main constant in US policy towards Syria, despite all its transformations, has been to prevent ending the catastrophe, and to get Syria to one of two ends: either at least ending its functional role in the regional sense, or at best ending it altogether as a geopolitical unit.

Within this picture, the only practical and effective way for a comprehensive solution to the crisis and for the full implementation of the UN resolution, in a way that would allow the Syrian people to restore their sovereignty and their territorial integrity, and in a manner that opens the doors to a comprehensive radical change for the benefit of the Syrian people, passes through three basic issues:
First: Elevating the role of the Astana tripartite from specific detailed work, especially military, to the level of comprehensive political action, which would allow us to take an initiative towards implementing a solution, whether or not the West wants to join.
Second: In order for Astana to do this, and to get out of the cycle of Western extortion, it is necessary to seek help from China, at least economically. The formula (Astana + China) can blockade the Western embargo and turn sanctions and financial extortion into a tool against the West instead of it being a tool in the West’s hands.
Third: In parallel to a move of this kind, the Syrian patriotic forces must have enough consensus and firm determination to move towards a solution and to gather the will of the vast majority of Syrians towards a new Syria, which has a clear anti-“Israel” stance, and which also has sound and peer relations with neighboring countries.

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