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Draft Theses of the Central Council of the People Will Party on «the Kurdish issue and the Peoples of the Great East»

In light of the great complexity surrounding the Kurdish issue on several levels (local, regional and international), and while Syria and its people approach the salvation of the disastrous crisis, through a political solution, in preparation for the formulation of a new Syria, People Will Party proposes this draft theses about «the Kurdish issue and the Peoples of the Great East», and present them for a public debate, and for discussing them through the party’s newspaper and website, in the framework of preparations for the next party conference.

Offside player… Red Card!

Since the Russians directly entered into the Syrian crisis as a party who insisted on letting the Syrian people self-determine their fate through a consensual political solution, the European Central Powers began feeling afraid to return empty-handed “after the party is over”.

Arafat: The dollar to become an “ordinary currency”

On Tuesday, 12/9/2017, Melody FM radio held an interview with the secretary of the People Will Party and the leader in the Change and Liberation Front, Alaa Arafat. In the interview Arafat discussed the latest political developments at the global, regional and local levels. Here are some of the most important questions and answers in this interview.


A Message from Astana

The preliminary results of the Astana meeting confirm new progress in this trajectory; on the one hand, by making firm and consolidated what has been agreed upon previously, through expanding the circle of participants from the regional forces in attending these meetings as observers, and on the other hand, by creating the conditions for further progress on the path of the political process.


Besiege Your Siege

The declaration of breaking the siege imposed on Deir al-Zour represents a new phase in the history of the Syrian crisis. Most analyses and readings of the event indicate that it is a continuation of the series of field defeats of Daesh [ISIS] terrorist organization. In addition, this event consolidates the appropriate atmosphere for a new advance on the path of the political process, and push it to the stage of direct negotiations between the regime and the opposition, especially as the process goes in parallel with expansion of the de-escalation zones.

Open Letter: Forward... Towards the Political Solution!

Brothers representatives of all parties of the Syrian opposition.
Brothers representatives of the Syrian government delegation.
Gentlemen in the United Nations Special Envoy’s Team to Syria.
Gentlemen representatives of the countries of the "International Syria Support Group".
Gentlemen representatives of the Guarantor States for the de-escalation and cease-fire zones.


Hardline Positions are Deadlocked

Observers of evolution of the Syrian crisis since 2011 have noticed that any hardline position taken by any side has always led to equally hard line ones from the other side, so that the law of action and reaction was the predominant and determining factor in directing the development of events.

The Consequence of extremism and stubbornness

The invitation of Moscow and Cairo Platforms [of Syrian opposition] to Riyadh to discuss the formation of one delegation of the Syrian opposition was a new step in securing the necessary elements for the completion of the political process. Regardless of the preliminary results of the meeting and the sharp disagreement that emerged between the platforms on the principles of forming the one delegation. The invitation itself – in its timing, and despite the advance and repeated announcement of the Moscow platform that Riyadh is not the most appropriate place for the meeting – reveals that the new international and regional climate imposes its rhythm on the Syrian scene, and primarily on the political process.