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About PWP

People’s Will Party is the party of the Syrian working class and all the white- and blue-collar laborers. The PWP struggles to realize the national and class interests of these social strata through working on implementing its program, on the national politics level as well as its socio-economic and democratic ones. The PWP aims at building a contemporary socialist society that eliminates all forms of man or nation exploitation and that satisfies the material and moral needs of the society. 



The PWP is a part and parcel of the modern Syrian political movement and its unfolding political sphere. It has attained this thanks to its early and correct analysis of the political movement crisis in Syria, besides its persistence to restore its functional role through urging the masses to retain a high level of political activity.

The People’s Will Party is the historical outcome of the struggles of the tens of thousands of Syrian Communists for so many decades now. It is the legitimate inheritor and the extension of the Syrian Communist Movement, leaning against, and working on, developing its most outstanding achievements, ideologically, intellectually and politically.

Taking Marxism-Leninism as its ideological reference, creatively, away from nihilism and/or literalism, the PWP adopts and is guided by Scientific Socialism, and it works on implementing it taking into account the realities and historical peculiarities of Syria, besides the historical experience of the World Revolutionary Movement, investing in its optimum productions.

The PWP targets the establishment of a new political and social regime in Syria, through realizing the highest economic growth rates and the widest social justice, in addition to broadening the political and democratic freedoms in order to guarantee the widest popular engagements in the Syrian political life.

The PWP works on maintaining national independence, defying the US and Zionist schemes, regionally and internationally, and fighting for the liberation and restoration of all occupied Arab and Syrian territories.

The PWP is the culmination and continuation of the works and struggles of the National Committee for the Unity of Syrian Communists that was launched as early as the 21st Century, based on a scientific belief that the defeats that were witnessed during the second half of the 20th Century were no more than an interim historical closure before the World Revolutionary Movement vs. World Capitalism. The PWP had early predicted that this horizon closure would turn into openness with the escalation of the capitalist crisis, reaching its own dead end and ultimate historical closure.

Keeping in mind this deeply-rooted scientific convection, the PWP has a triumphant mentality and lives in the age of the looming victories of the pole of the peoples against the World Capitalist System.


Some History:

In 2000, shortly after the convention of the 9th Congress of the Syrian Communist Party, 80% of the membership of Damascus organization of the Party were expelled. As this illegitimate procedure was widened to cover more party organizations all over Syria, the affected comrades and party organizations formed the National Committee for the Unity of the Syrian Communists, which re-published Kassioun newspaper. Unlike the two other communist factions, the new communist current was not part of the National Progressive Front which brought together the ruling Ba'ath Party and other "legal" parties.

It took the communist group more than a decade, actually in 2012, to form and declare an officially registered party known as the People’s Will Party, that convened its 10th Periodical, 1st after registration, Congress in June 2013. The party ran independent candidates in the parliamentary elections in 2003 and 2007 but failed to win any seats. Nonetheless, in the parliamentary elections of 2012, the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, a coalition formed by the PWP, took 5 seats. The Party joined the demonstrations at the start of the 2011 Syrian Crisis, and a number of its activists in Damascus, Homs and DerEzzour lost their lives at the hands of the governmental police and other services, while others were detained or arrested in other Syrian governorates. As the Syrian popular movement turned armed and violent, the PWP continued with its humanitarian aids and mediation efforts in some conflict zones. The PWP seeks a comprehensive, radical and democratic change of the regime as a whole, not only the removal of the President. Economically, the party calls for a reversal of the liberalization «reforms» that started in 2005 and laid the foundation for the social and political unrest in Syria, and calls for the creation of a strong national economy.

Dr. Kadri Jamil, one of PWP Council Secretaries, was a member of the committee that drafted amendments to the Constitution of Syria in response to the 2011 Syrian popular movement. The amendments were approved in the Syrian constitutional referendum, 2012 and allowed multiparty elections in Syria.


PWP Leadership

In organization, the People’s Will Party depends Democratic Centralism. Nonetheless, it has no assignment for a Secretary General, rather a collective leadership of the members of the Central Council that are elected in the General Conference. The Central Council elects  its members of the Presidium and members of the Secretariat to undertake daily tasks.


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