Kassioun Editorial 1043: The Northeast and 2254

Kassioun Editorial 1043: The Northeast and 2254

Northeastern Syria has been going through a tense and complex situation for several weeks, as a result of the many entanglements therein, and under the impact of continuous Turkish threats of a new aggression.

It is no secret how important the areas east of the Euphrates River are to Syria as a whole, starting with their economic and demographic importance, as well as the current tremendous importance resulting from their transformation into a point of intersection and intensification of various types of influences, interventions, and projects relating not only to the future of these areas, but also to the future of Syria as a whole, and to the future of the entire region. In this sense, the situation in the northeast represents, in one way or another, the Syrian situation as a whole and, to a great extent, based on how it is dealt with, the Syrian situation as a whole will be determined.

It is also no secret that one of the sources of complicating the situation in northeastern Syria is the continuance of the illegitimate American presence, and the continuous American manipulation of this card, particularly since Washington’s withdrawal-leaning strategic trend has become clear and understandable to all. This prompts Washington to bargain over the situation in the northeast in all directions, including by trying to use it to get everyone against everyone, whether at the intra-Syrian level, starting with activating a Kurdish-Kurdish contradiction, and including an attempt to detonate Arab-Kurdish and Kurdish-Turkish contradictions, as well as exploiting the Kurdish cause not to do justice to those committed to it, but quite the contrary, to try to exploit their cause primarily against their interests, and against the interests of all the peoples of the area.

In addition, the adverse and obstructive Turkish role so far, which is trying in an opportunistic and short-sighted manner, to invest in the sensitivity of the current international balances, is followed by illusions of seizing temporary points and gains that are in reality nothing but strategic losses for Turkey itself and all the countries and peoples of the region.

Parallel to these two roles, also emerges the role of the extremists on the Syrian sides, who do not stop fanning the ashes, and whose selfish interests push them to invoke more blood and destruction.

On the other side, the Russian role transpires as a mediator acceptable to all sides. Thus far, this has enabled it to prevent the situation from erupting, but this alone cannot constitute a solution to the issue.

Searching for a solution should take into consideration the following:
First: for the solution to be Syrian-Syrian, there needs to be a real and serious dialogue and understand between the regime and the SDC.
Second: achieving such a dialogue and understanding, as the bitter experience of the last few years shows, cannot take place without making UNSC Resolution 2254 the framework, basis, and perspective thereof.
Third: implementing this does not only concern the regime and SDC, but also concerns all Syrians. Therefore, the patriotic democratic opposition must participate therein, so this dialogues and its outcomes become a prelude for the full and comprehensive implementation of 2254, without the full implementation of which there can be no way out of the different crises that Syria is going through, including the crisis of the northeast and the need to prevent any new aggression.

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