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1.8 Million Syrian Pounds is the average of the Living Expenses of a Family in September 2021

Based on its issue No. 1036, Kassioun adopts a specific method to calculate the living expenses of a Syrian family of 5. This method consists in calculating the costs of the necessary food basket (according to the daily need of an individual for 2400 calories from various food sources). For this aim, Kassioun depended on calculating the main meal of an individual during one day, which was formulated by the Innovation and Self-reliance Conference of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Syria in 1987, and from which the productive citizen receives the calories that guarantee her/his life and reproduce her/his workforce again).  It was also taken into consideration that these food costs represent 60% of the total living expenses of the family, while the remaining 40% represents other essential needs for the family (the costs of housing, transportation, education, clothing, healthcare, household appliances, tele-communications, and others).

Kassioun Editorial 1039: They Have Confessed!

Last Saturday, during the television program “The Last Edition”, on “Israeli” Channel 12, journalist Ehud Yaari admitted that: “The gas for power generation that will be transported from Egypt to Lebanon via pipes through Jordan and Syria, is Israeli gas”. This is the first “Israeli” admission of the truth of something that was not difficult for serious researchers to reach themselves.

Kassioun Editorial 1038: What is Behind the Western “Detour”?

The events of the past two months show a “detour” (or a “sudden turn”) in the way the West deals with the Syrian file. The West, in the political sense, though it is under American leadership, includes, in addition to Britain, France, and others, Arab countries such as Jordan, the UAE, and others.

Kassioun Editorial 1037: The Sixth Round Test

Information indicates that there has been agreement to hold the sixth round of meetings of the small group of the constitutional committee, to take place during the second half of next month.

Kassioun Editorial 1036: The Syrian People’s Sovereignty

It has become clear and tangible that the entire world is experiencing a major transition from the American unipolar system to a new world that cannot be reduced to saying “multipolarity”, though the latter is itself a stage within the same comprehensive transition.

Kassioun Editorial 1035: On the Meanings of the Daraa Agreement

Things have calmed down in Daraa al-Balad during the past week with the reaching of an agreement under Russian auspices and with Russian monitoring of implementation, though there is still a certain degree of tension in other parts of the Daraa governorate.

7 Questions Regarding the “Arab” Gas Pipeline

The past few weeks have witnessed a lot of talk about what is being called the “Arab Gas Pipeline”, which is supposed to start from Egypt, going through Jordan, to Syria and Lebanon. Additionally, one of the pipeline’s branches will reach – according to the Egyptian media – between the Egyptian Arish and occupied Ashkelon, with the possibility of an additional branch reaching Iraq.

Kassioun Editorial 1034: NO to All Forms of Displacement

The crisis in its newest side in the Syrian governorate of Daraa is still ongoing, with no solutions. This crisis in itself has become additional evidence, not of a situation specific to one part of Syria, but to the overall Syrian situation for years. The situation is intensifying in that every new crisis that emerges – starting with the chronic living crises in the various forms, to security, political, and social crises – gets added to the preceding crises and remains unresolved, even increasing in severity as time passes.

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