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The Syrian Golan will return against occupier's will, sooner not later

In a new Zionist escalation, and within  a series of measures and statements of rapid pace recently, the Israeli occupation cabinet has convened its weekly session in the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights, on April 17, 2016, coinciding the 70th Anniversary of the Evacuation of the French colonialists from our Homeland.

Statement by PWP Aleppo Organization

The People’s Will Party organization in Aleppo extends its deepest condolences to the families of dozens of Syrian civilians who fell as victims of shelling and bombardment operations, whether in areas controlled by the Syrian State or under the control of the armed groups. 

A Statement by Secular Democratic Delegation (Moscow Istana Platforms) to Geneva

The Secular Democratic Delegation emanating from Moscow Istana Platforms to Geneva has studied the emerging situation in the current round of Geneva -3. It stresses that any breaking, postponement or effort-wasting attempts in this maneuver harms the efforts exerted to crystalize the political solution of the Syrian crisis, making a contribution in increasing Syrian bloodshed.

Escalation Provokers would Lose Politically and Militarily..!

The city of Aleppo, to the North of Syria, has been suffering recently from a military ad para-military escalation that claimed the lives of new dozens of Syrian civilians, whether in areas outside the Syrian State authority or those subject to armed groups control. This wet I parallel with the newest round of Geneva-3, that made a significant progress with regard to the political solution, represented by the following:

Geneva will continue «with whom is around»..!

Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks developments of last week have proved what a Kassioun Editorial spoke about three years ago (April 28, 2013), and reemphasized later on: «leaning against the international balance of forces, and its consistent movement, stresses that the political solution holds the upper hand».

Palmyra: The Symbolic and Actual Messages

The echoes of the Russian Marinski Theater Music Orchestra echoed around the Syrian historical city of Palmyra, from its historical amphitheater, last Thursday, after a month of its full liberation from terrorist ISIS, keeping in mind that the same amphitheater were used as a show  stage for mass executions of Syrians.

Kassioun's 2013 Panorama

Kassioun had early, since 2002, caught the onsets of the U.S. general decline, depending on an in-depth analysis of the organic and deeply rooted crisis of the world capitalist system, that the USA had tried to circumvent through what it had called the «War against Terrorism», i.e., the campaign that couldn't fulfill its desired goals, leading to the explosion of the financial facet of the crisis in 2008, to be followed by the economic, social and political ones.