What is after the American “Democratic Carnival”?

What is after the American “Democratic Carnival”?

The American “Democratic Carnival” ended in the same way that it used to end every time 167 years ago, i.e. exactly since 1853; where the electoral system is carefully tailored to fit the perpetual victory of the same “leading party,” who has two-heads (the Democratic and Republican, who were in the past: the party of the former slave-owners and the party of the bourgeoisie), an electoral system which reveals that it is true what an old famous wisdom said: “It is not important who votes, the important is who counts the votes.” Perhaps, we can also add: it is important also how is the counting of votes done.

The two-headed leading party has always been, as it is, the representative of the ruling financial elite with its many internal contradictions and conflicts, but always in agreement in its hostility to the interests of the American people, and the interests of the peoples of the world in general, and more clearly since after World War II.

Perhaps what is new in the last chapter of the play is its coincidence with the state of weakness and chronic decline of the US global role in its various aspects, especially through its most effective tool, the dollar. This time, this coincidence has stolen the thunder from the elections show, leaving the US “democratic Carnival” as a replica of the “democratic Carnival” very well known by the peoples of the Third World.

Nevertheless, these elections and the accompanying internal tension are unprecedented, and because the American elections are always a matter of the internal elite, they reflected the depth and severity of the division within this same elite, a division that will not end with the Trump’s loss and Biden’s victory, but will rather increase in depth and vulnerability to exploding. There is no surprise in this; The laws of history have taught us that the declining forces used to suffer internal divisions and mutually blame one another for their own decline.

Therefore, on the American domestic level, one can only expect more deep crises, including the possibility of severe confrontations, and it is not at all unlikely that the claims for secession made by the rich states will rise again in the hope of escaping the general collapse.

In terms of foreign policies, there will not be any serious difference between Trump and Biden. Many formal differences will appear in the way of dealing with the various international and regional files, but the essence will remain the same: Washington is bound to retreat and turning inward, the difference will be limited to the speed of this process. And if the rhetorical festivals caught the eyes of the media, then the Fed’s repetition of fixing the interest rate at zero or slightly above zero, is actually the largest event among what is happening on the American arena, and it is the true expression of the obliterated horizon in front of the US imperialism, along with the entire global system based on the dollar, and its sliding down to the point of no return.

With regard to Syria, the departure of the quagmire man James Jeffrey and his assistant, the pen breaker Rayburn, will not change the same general trend that we referred to above: the trend of US retreat and turning inward, on the global level and in our region, faster than anywhere else.


The conditions necessary to end the tragedy of the Syrian people and to let them implement their right to self-determination have become more that matured. No matter if there is an old or new US administration, the same single road remains the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, leading to the comprehensive radical change.


Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 991, November 9, 2020

(Arabic version)

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