2254 to Stop the Collapse

2254 to Stop the Collapse

The value of the Syrian pound heavily expresses, not only the economic aspect, but also the various aspects of the disaster experienced by more than 90% of Syrians, including its humanitarian and political aspects.

Whether we calculate the value of the pound using the dollar scale (in which the exchange rate approached 3000 Syrian pounds to the dollar), gold or the cost of a living portion, the result is almost the same: an accelerated collapse without any solutions, and without any desire of the dominating system to search for solutions.

Within six years, between the end of 2012 and the end of 2018, the value of the Syrian pound against gold fell to a quarter of its value, and during the last two years alone, the collapse reached a catastrophic level, where the value of the Syrian pound at the end of 2020 became 11% of its value at the end of 2018. That is, the speed of the collapse has multiplied during the last two years by more than 10 times what it was during the first six years of the crisis. What this speed and this acceleration of collapse predict, if the other conditions remain the same, that we are on the threshold of a free fall the end of which will be difficult to know.
The explanation of this collapse lies in a set of clear and basic factors, on top of which is the continuation of the crisis, the partitioning of the country, and sanctions. The most important of all, the great corruption nested within the dominating political system, which is itself the main reason for impeding the solution and perpetuating the deterioration of conditions.
What the “liberal” corruption system has done is that it has gradually destroyed the role of the state apparatus over the past two decades, and rapidly over the past few years, including the processes of lifting support and opening the doors for the big monopolists to devour the Syrian people, starting from the basics of their lives, to all aspects of their lives, and up to the invention of new forms of plundering and illegal trading.
The continuous deterioration, which is painfully and violently reflected in the living and social conditions of Syrians, opens the doors to the emergence of a number of new disasters. Perhaps the continued constriction on Syrians in their livelihood is ultimately aimed at this, but it is also aimed at temporarily applying pressure to the maximum limits to impede any possibility of organized protestation in the face of the brutal policies followed.
What should be clear is that the collapse the Syrian people are living, which opens the door to the collapse of the state itself, also expresses the collapse of the dominating system in the sense that it lost any social function.
Stopping the disasters Syrians are experiencing simultaneously requires the initiation of a comprehensive and radical change of the system within which the plundering forces dominate, in parallel with the lifting of the Western criminal sanctions that affect only the general population. This all passes through one path, which is the immediate and full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254.

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