Memorandum of Understanding  Between People's Will Party and The Independent Arab Tendency

Memorandum of Understanding Between People's Will Party and The Independent Arab Tendency

While the Syrian crisis entering its tenth year and in the midst of the bottleneck situation imposed on the political process by some international and regional forces on the one hand, and by extremists in the various Syrian parties on the other  hand, and their deliberate obstruction of implementation of UNSCR 2254, which is the only way to end the Syrian catastrophe and open the door to the radical democratic change;

And while enemies of the political solution are continuing their attempts to reduce the effectiveness of the patriotic democratic forces, and intercept the latter's completion of the formulation of their patriotic inclusive project;

And under an incessant political dialogue between the Arab Independent Tendency and People's Will Party, as patriotic democratic opposition forces and part of general national mobility aiming at achievement of the political solution, and restoration of decision-making to the hands of Syrians, and enabling them of practicing their own right to self-determination, the two parties have reached a memorandum of understanding that included the following basic points:

First: The political solution through the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 is the only solution to the Syrian crisis. The two parties are intensifying their efforts to support the political process and prevent exclusion of any Syrian party from it.

Second: The two parties see no other radical solution to the deep economic and humanitarian crises experienced by Syrians at home and in the areas of displacement and asylum, but the comprehensive political solution, and their efforts are focused on this direction. In parallel to that, they are working to contribute in finding partial temporary solutions in an attempt to relieve the size of suffering.

Third: The desired Syria is a democratic state united both as a land and people, undividable and free of terrorism of any type, including intellectual terrorism and its intellectual, economic, and social generators.

Fourth: The desired Syria is a state of equal citizenship, worthy of the sacrifices of Syrians, built on the basis of deeply studying and understanding of the structural root causes of the current crisis in all of its political, economic and social dimensions, in order to prevent its replication.

Fifth: The  desired Syria is a state founded on the values of social Justice, and its Constitution provides the natural rights that come into being with human birth, being rights that have existed before the state and before social contract, and therefore they are not granted from an authority to be withdrawn or controlled by it.

Sixth: Participatory Democracy is the borderline between a state of authority and authority of a state, and it is the controller between the principle of national sovereignty and the principle of the rule of the people and authority of the people in the regions of the country, being constitutional mechanisms that ensure effective participation of Syrians in ruling of the country, and also ensure recognition of cultural and identity rights as rights inherent in the human soul, and recognized in the international covenants and principles of the rules of international law, that guaranteed the practice of freedom of beliefs and cultures of communal diversity, to achieve sustainable communal peace and harmony.

Seventh: The two parties contribute in the public national activity to reach a new advanced formulation of the relationship between centralization and decentralization in the desired Syria, that strengthens the country’s unity and enables the Syrians in their regions of participating in decision-making, so that to ensure fair distribution of national wealth, in anti-monopoly and anti-exploitation manner, realizing balanced development, and securing the needs of citizens in leading free and decent life.

On this basis, the two parties continue coordination and common action in all areas related to the political process, and continue their cooperation in every respect to the future of Syria based on the items listed above.

Moscow, 11 / 11 / 2020


On behalf of
People’s Will Party,
Member of Presidium of the Central Council,
Party Secretary
Dr. Kadri Jamil


On behalf of
The Independent Arab Tendency,
President of The Independent Arab Tendency
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Al-Shaker


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