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Friends and Enemies of the Syrian People stars

Among the six conditions he recently announced, James Jeffrey's third condition states the following: Ending hostile acts against neighboring countries.

Press Release by Russian Foreign Ministry on Bogdanov-Jamil Meeting

On July 7, 2020, the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Middle East and African Countries, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Leonidovich Bogdanov received the representative of the leadership of the Syrian opposition Front for Change and Liberation, the head of the Moscow Platform of the Syrian opposition Kadri Jamil.

Another Step Towards the Solution

Last Wednesday’s Astana Trio Summit Statement included 14 points, and it was distinct from the previous statements with broader coverage of the aspects of the Syrian issue.

The "Components", and the Old and New Syria!

Media and political outlets these days are flooded with analyses and proposals that overestimate the rhetoric of "the components", "the majorities", "the minorities", and of finding consensus and compromise between them in the new Syria.

Increasing Wages is a Humanitarian and National Necessity

The minimum wage in Syria has become the lowest in the world, when measured in dollars, and it may also be the lowest in terms of its purchasing power. Within two weeks, the costs of the basic food basket became 6.6 times the minimum wage – the latter is approximately 50 thousand pounds! This means that the cost of living for a family of five members has exceeded 550 thousand Syrian pounds, taking into account that food constitutes 60% of the cost of living in the current harsh conditions that constrain spending on other aspects!

Official Statement by Spokesperson of People’s Will Party

The leadership of People’s Will Party has read the joint statement of the delegations of the Kurdish National Council and the Kurdish National Unity parties, issued on June 16. As the leadership of People’s Will Party positively evaluates this preliminary statement, it sees it as a precedent and step forward on the path of establishing a mentality of consensus between the various Syrian political forces, who differ in opinion and agree on the ultimate goals in preserving the unity of Syria and its people, which have greatly suffered for decades from the mentality of exclusion and not recognizing each other.


How to Prevent a Cardiac Arrest!

The Syrian economy is at risk of cardiac arrest since the beginnings of 2013, which started showing its symptoms since then, and has intensified with the delay of the political solution to the Syrian crisis. This is something we have emphasized since then: “The continuation of the crisis will cause the Syrian economy to have a cardiac arrest” (September 2012).

Why is the Syrian Pound the Hallmark of the Current Stage?! Either Abyss or Salvation.

Since the end of last year, the Syrian pound (SYP) has collapsed at an accelerated level, a harbinger of reaching a situation in which it would lose its last function. This was accompanied by tightening the sanctions and talking about Caesar's Law, the Lebanon crisis, economic stagnation, and crises between the elites of corruption, influence, and wealth within the country. Within less than six months we have witnessed two occasions in which the Syrian pound experienced an accelerating daily deterioration (the first was at the beginning of this year, the second began last week). In both cases, deterioration was being stopped by means of temporary security and propaganda mechanisms, but only at higher limits than previously, and this was often accompanied by raising of the official exchange rate.


The American and Syrian Crises, and 2254

As the overall American crisis deepens with its various dimensions – economic, social, political, and even cultural and ideological – its repercussions frequently reflect on Washington’s foreign policies.

“Caesar”: The American Policeman’s Knee!

The new malicious and criminal US sanctions package, dubbed “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act”, will enter into force mid-this month. This package, while massively intensifying the impact of the previously-imposed sanctions, it also differentiates from it in that it expands the impact of the sanctions not only inside Syria, but also applies international bullying on any type of bilateral dealings between Syria and any other country in the world, including in the areas of food and health.