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The Putin-Biden Summit and the Syrian Opposition

Talk about the Putin-Biden summit, which will be held on the 16th of this month in Geneva, occupies the top place in the various current political discussions. This is not surprising, especially when it comes to hot clashing points, as is the case in Syria.

«Israel» is besieged by its Economic Connections and its Military Failure

Organized international aid for the «state» of the Zionist entity has diverse dimensions and forms, and it is difficult to enumerate them all. However, the connection is deep between the continuation of high-income levels and these flows: from charitable aid to government and military aid, all the way to the last phase in which the flow of foreign investment and corporate finance have become main and important factors. The entity’s economic stability is deeply contingent to the US financial system.

National Reconciliation… How?

The narrow-mindedness of some suggests that merely ending foreign presence in Syria and unifying it geographically under one authority is sufficient for ensuring the continuation of its geopolitical presence and unity.

American Arrogance, between the Rhetoric and the Behavior

During the last four months, since the new administration took office, the US rhetoric has been characterized by an escalation in most major affairs in the international framework, especially those related to the conflict with Russia and China, whether through NATO or the many European files, including Ukraine and the gas pipeline dossiers, and others. This rhetoric is in essence a continuation of the US rhetoric during the Trump era, though some details might differ.

The Palestinian Lesson

Among the many lessons that can be learned from the current Palestinian uprising, it is imperative to consider the following:

Press Release – Meeting between People’s Will Party and Syrian Democratic Council

In continuation of the joint work between the Syrian Democratic Council and the People’s Will Party, which witnessed an important step on August 31st of last year, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two side, two leadership delegations from the sides headed by Dr. Kadri Jamil and Ilham Ahmed, met on the evening of Tuesday, May 11:

The Palestinian Hits, and the Traitors Feel Exposed

There is no argument that the Palestinian people’s struggle has always been a beacon for all those walking on the paths of freedom and fighting injustice in its local and global dimensions. This struggle is a source of strength and pride for anyone who stands in the face of injustice in any part of the world.

2254 Ends When It Is Fully Implemented

Comments, opinions, and even statements are coming in lately from parties that are contradictory on their face within the “loyalist / opposition” duality, and these comments, opinions, and statements openly intersect and serve each other in the way they consider that the upcoming presidential elections will end UNSC Resolution 2254. They achieve this through either the unfounded claim that these elections will represent implementation of the resolution, or through another allegation that has the same political goal in the end, even if it was disguised with phony words and expressions. The “opposition” claim considers that holding these elections means killing the political solution and Resolution 2254, which implies that the search for a solution should follow a path other than that of the UN Security Council resolution.

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