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Regarding the Alleged “Meeting” of the Negotiations Commission

On March 29, The Syrian Coalition of the Syrian Opposition held an internal virtual meeting, which was attended by some of the former independents within the Negotiations Commission as well as some representatives of the "military factions component", some of whom do not hide their explicit affiliation with the Coalition.

Sympathy, Solidarity: The Spirit of the New World stars

The prevailing world order – not only in the last century, but also since searching for gold campaigns set off, which later developed into the old colonialism campaigns – has enshrined the principle of profit as the supreme principle from which various other "principles" are derived.

Human Civilization at a Crossroads

The global crisis is escalating day after day, in its economic, political, and humanitarian components. The novel Coronavirus is topping headlines, even though its impact is no less catastrophic than that of the oil price crisis


Corona Topples the Western Crown!

A global state of terror is spreading not only due to the Coronavirus (corona Latin for “crown”) alone, but also because Western governments are intentionally reinforcing this state. In parallel, there is something big, mighty, and historical, happening, even though to this moment it is not getting enough attention.

Moscow Agreement and the Bitter Disappointment

The agreement signed by the Russian and Turkish presidents on the fifth of this March represented a great shock, and even bitter disappointment for the US, and for the hardliners from both sides of the Syrian crisis who are hostile towards the political solution, and who have been wishing that the differences between Russia and Turkey would reach the point of ultimate explosion of Astana, and perhaps even the explosion of Turkey itself from within.

Russian Foreign Ministry Press Release on the Meeting of Bogdanov and Jamil

Today, the sixth of March 2020, Mikhail Bogdanov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Middle East and African Countries, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia received the representative of the leadership of the Syrian opposition Front for Change and Liberation, the head of the Moscow Platform of the Syrian opposition, Kadri Jamil.

Albeit It Does Move!

On Sunday morning, the first of March, the Turkish Minister of Defense announced the new Turkish aggression in Syria as "Operation Spring Shield", so that this operation joins the group of "Shields", "Springs" and "Branches" that the Turks take as covers for their operations.

Solution of the Economic-Living Crisis is Political First and Foremost

Various media outlets circulated the “world.bymap.org” report on the ranking of countries of the world according to the proportions of their populations that fall below the poverty line. Syria topped the rankings with 82.5% of its population falling under the poverty line, a figure that does not differ much from the 2019 UN figures, which estimated this rate at 83% for Syria. The aforementioned percentages are also close to the local estimates, including those of “Kassioun”.


Deal of “Insuring the Orphan and his Inheritance”!

There is an atmosphere of wailing and mourning that is dominating the Arab media and political circles with regards to the “Deal of the Century,” as if Trump merely announcing it means its realization.