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Kassioun Editorial 1030: Destined to Victory!

If there is a victory worth being called a victory in Syria, it is the imminent one, because the current “victories” claimed by the extremists from the regime and opposition are those of their selfish and narrow interests, they are neither victories for Syria nor the Syrian people. Instead, they are the extremists’ victories in that they were able – thus far – to stay in their positions of economic plundering and political sabotage, at the expense of Syrians, their lives, and their growing and aggravating suffering. For this very reason, they are “victories” of the type that will soon vanish.

Turning East… Economically and Politically

“We believe that this resolution (i.e., UNSC Resolution 2585 on aid) will contribute to achieving a political settlement in this Arab Republic (i.e., Syria) as soon as possible and to stabilizing the situation in the Middle East in general”.

Why Were Some Upset About 2585?

Last Friday, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2585 on delivering humanitarian aid cross-border and cross-line. Kassioun had noted in the last issue’s editorial, prior to the resolution, that “There is no doubt that among the Syrian, regional, and even international parties, there are those who are not at all pleased by the prospects of a Russian-American consensus, as this means getting closer to a solution and thus to change, and those rely on the fact that if a dispute occurs on this issue, it will allow for the creation of an atmosphere that undermines any consensus that took or will take place. This matter is far from reality”. That is exactly what happened.

The Crossings, Between the Humanitarian and the Political

On the tenth of this month, the UN Security Council members will discuss the extension of Resolution 2533 regarding the border crossings. In practice, the discussion will determine the fate of the remaining border crossing, which is Bab al-Hawa crossing.

Patriotic Syrians’ Wager

The Russia-US June 16 summit has not yet revealed the detailed results with regard to Syria, except by talking about jointly searching to find a solution with regards to humanitarian issues, in addition to making it clear that there is joint work on the mechanism for implementing UNSC Resolution 2254. Despite this, the active movement that is taking place these days, and that will take place over the next few weeks with regard to Syria, clearly indicate that the summit itself triggered this activity.

Syria and the Putin-Biden Summit!

The results of the Russian-American summit have not yet emerged, especially with regard to the Syria file. This is quite normal, as such a summit can only involve consensus in very general terms regarding the issues under discussion/negotiation.

What Has Hindered the Implementation of 2254?

It has been nearly five and a half years since the adoption of UNSC Resolution 2254 providing for a solution to the Syrian crisis. At that time, the resolution was adopted unanimously by the members of the UN Security Council, though it has yet to be implemented.

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