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Kassioun Editorial 1076: Syria, in a Race Against Time

The suffocating and deadly crises that the Syrians are experiencing are deepening and multiplying on a daily basis. Starting with the wage crisis, the purchasing value of which has become trivial compared to the the minimum standard of living needs, not to mention the disastrous conditions of electricity, production, fuel, bread, water, education, and health. To top it all, there is also the continuing bulldozing and uprooting of Syrians from their land due to the list of these crises that goes on and on to include all aspects of life, almost without any exceptions.

Мирная водородная бомба Брикса! Что произошло между Киссинджером-Давосом и Путиным-Петербургом?

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В этой статье делается попытка экстраполировать изменение, произошедшее между 23 числам прошлого месяца, датой, когда British Telegraph опубликовала «шокирующие» заявления Киссинджера об Украине, и прошлой пятницей, 17 числа этого месяца, днем, когда Путин выступил с речью в Санкт-Петербурге. Петербургский экономический форум, на котором он сказал: Однополярная система закончилась, и она больше не вернется».

Rehabilitation of Industry Worldwide: How Did Syria Eliminate its Manufacturing Industry?

With each passing day, and with every additional complication and blow to the global economy, it is becoming increasingly clearer that only the countries that have maintained and developed their production systems – particularly the real production in industry, agriculture, and others – are the ones able to be resilient and ensure the living conditions of their people considerably, and away from the corny use of slogans about resilience.

Kassioun Editorial 1075: Big Risks and Time is the Biggest One!

For over a month, there have been Turkish statements about the possibility of a new aggression on northern Syria, under the name of a “military operation”. Although a number of new arrangements and the recent Astana meeting have significantly reduced this possibility, it still exists.

Kassioun Editorial 1074: The Response is Immediate Implementation of 2254

Last Friday, at dawn, the “Israeli” occupation carried out a new attack on Syria, in a series of attacks that have been going on for several years. The basis on which these have been taking place all along is the continuation and deepening of the Syrian crisis.

Kassioun Editorial 1072: An Energy Crisis in the West, and Food Crisis in the South

In the context of talking about crises that affect the entire world, the bulk of it is directed towards the energy crisis with its two main factors: oil and gas. However, the crisis that is more profound, dangerous, and catastrophic is the food crisis, the first signs of which have started to become clearer, though it still is not clear to what extent and depth it can extend.

Kassioun Editorial 1071: Why Did The Ruble Hold Up? Lessons in Defiance

If we take a general look at the changes in exchange rate of the Russian ruble prior to February 24, 2022 and until today, that is, from the eve of the launch of the military operation in Ukraine, we will see that although the ruble’s value significantly deteriorated during the first weeks, reaching half the value it had against both the euro and the dollar, it quickly regained not only all the value it had lost, but an additional value even better than it was before February 24. On February 23, the dollar and euro were worth 79 and 92 rubles, respectively; today, May 22, they are at 62 and 65.5 rubles, respectively. The same applies to the ruble’s position against all other currencies globally, to the extent that Bloomberg, whose whims and affiliations are known, described the ruble as the strongest global currency for 2022.

«The Grant» Will Not Cover Anything; An Actual Increase of Wages is Required

Last Thursday, April 21, Legislative Decree No. 4 of 2022 was issued, which provides for the disbursement of what is called a «grant», with a lump sum of 75 thousand Syrian pounds for civilian and military workers, and pensioners, provided that this «grant» is disbursed only once.

Due to the Organized Plunder System: Food Insecurity Prevails Syria

Estimates of the disaster affecting the food system in Syria are increasing daily at an unprecedented pace, as there is an additional number of Syrians every year getting in a state of food insecurity, not in thousands or hundreds of thousands, but in millions. This is happening at an accelerated pace, which threatens to drag more citizens into destitution and poverty.

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