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On the Next "Constitutional" Round stars

Multiple parties intersect at their wish that the third round of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which will start on the 24th of this month, would not reach any result, as happened in the past two rounds, and similarly to the many meetings held in Geneva during the past years.

New Syria: Proportional, and Single District

The recent elections of People's Assembly reconfirmed what was already confirmed: the existing electoral system is a system that kills the political movement, incapable of representing society, and is a game in the hands of the financial forces and the forces of the state apparatus.

What State Model Is Required?

The debate has been getting more heated recently about the different perceptions for the new Syria. What this means with regards to the nature of the political system in Syria, and by implication the nature of the relationship among the three branches of government, as well as the question of the relationship between centralization and decentralization.

Friends and Enemies of the Syrian People stars

Among the six conditions he recently announced, James Jeffrey's third condition states the following: Ending hostile acts against neighboring countries.

Press Release by Russian Foreign Ministry on Bogdanov-Jamil Meeting

On July 7, 2020, the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Middle East and African Countries, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Leonidovich Bogdanov received the representative of the leadership of the Syrian opposition Front for Change and Liberation, the head of the Moscow Platform of the Syrian opposition Kadri Jamil.

Another Step Towards the Solution

Last Wednesday’s Astana Trio Summit Statement included 14 points, and it was distinct from the previous statements with broader coverage of the aspects of the Syrian issue.

The "Components", and the Old and New Syria!

Media and political outlets these days are flooded with analyses and proposals that overestimate the rhetoric of "the components", "the majorities", "the minorities", and of finding consensus and compromise between them in the new Syria.

Increasing Wages is a Humanitarian and National Necessity

The minimum wage in Syria has become the lowest in the world, when measured in dollars, and it may also be the lowest in terms of its purchasing power. Within two weeks, the costs of the basic food basket became 6.6 times the minimum wage – the latter is approximately 50 thousand pounds! This means that the cost of living for a family of five members has exceeded 550 thousand Syrian pounds, taking into account that food constitutes 60% of the cost of living in the current harsh conditions that constrain spending on other aspects!