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“The Zionist Frenzy”… A Good Premonition!

On the surface, it seems as if the Syrian crisis will continue for many years to come. Of course, one cannot blame ordinary Syrians who believe this insinuation, for many reasons, including:

Bigger than Trump… Further than “Democracy”

Statements by Macron, Merkel, and other European leaders regarding the “Black Wednesday” the US lived were not statements of “solidarity”, but rather an expression of panic and fear of the horror of the scene that threatens of the “water reaching their shores”.

Four Messages in the New Year

With the dawn of a new year of the Syrian catastrophe, and because “your friend is one who is truthful with you, not the one who believes you”, we believe it is useful to share with the sides we believe have an interest in resolving the Syrian crisis, our views and observations about the stage the country has reached and the ways out of the disaster. We summarize this in the following messages:

Another Year… No Solution but a Political One

A few days separate us from the end of a year that is, by all accounts, the most catastrophic for Syria and the Syrian people. While the world is preoccupied these days with counting its Coronavirus-related losses, the pandemic itself almost seems just a small detail in the long list of tragedies that Syrians are experiencing.

5 Years Since 2254, Now What?

Last Friday, five years have passed since the UN Security Council voted unanimously on Resolution 2254, which outlines the solution to the Syrian crisis.

Obstructing the Political Solution is a Partitioning Tool

It is no secret that the constant trend in Syria since the outbreak of the crisis to date is the trend of continuous decline and deterioration at all levels, primarily with regards to the humanitarian and living conditions of Syrians in the different parts of Syria, and within a large portion of refugee communities.

The New US Bill on Syria ... “Under the Auspices of Israel”

Yesterday, Thursday, 10 December 2020, nearly 150 conservative US lawmakers submitted a bill to Congress titled “Stop the Killing in Syria”. The 32-pages Bill includes two titles and 16 sections, and numerous sub-sections.