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More than 2 Million; the Average Cost of Living for a Syrian Family at the Beginning of 2022.

By the end of 2021, the average cost of living for a Syrian family has reached more than 2 million Syrian pounds. This increases the huge gap between these costs and the minimum wage of the Syrian worker, which "increased" according to the last decree to reach 92,970 Syrian pounds; inadequate to meet the monthly food cost of the worker himself!

Комментарий председателя московской платформы сирийской оппозиции Кадри Джамиля к заявлениям спецпредставителя президента России по Сирии Александра Лаврентьева

Секретарь партии «Народная воля», руководитель оппозиционной группы «Народный фронта за перемены и освобождение», председатель «московской платформы» сирийской оппозиции, Кадри Джамиль сделал 21 декабря 2021 года следующую запись в своем официальном аккаунте в Твиттере:

Kassioun Editorial 1049: Bulldozing Syrians Out of Syria stars

It is impossible to rely on any statistics for the number of Syrian refugees, whether UN numbers or those of host countries, because on the one hand, the numbers are conflicting, and on the other, there are large numbers of Syrians abroad due to the crisis who have no refugee status.

Kassioun Editorial 1048: Yet, it Still Revolves! stars

Recently, “new” interpretations have been spreading around, which are variations on Sadat’s saying: “99% of the cards are in the America’s hand”. Things such as: “America reprieves but does not neglect” or that the whistle is still in the hands of “the American referee”, which decides the rules of the game and when it starts and ends. However, as Galileo said after being prosecuted for being heretical because he insisted that the Earth revolves around the sun, not the other way around: “And yet, it moves (revolves)”.

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