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«Democratic Decentralization»: Neither Revolutionary nor Patriotic

The Talk about a "democratic" decentralization has come back to the fore again, in the context of what is being promoted as "a new American strategy". There are, among those carrying this banner, not only some Kurdish leaders but also personalities and other Syrian parties, some of them are ancient «Arab nationalist» ones, although the main apparent vehicle of such a proposition, so far, are some Kurdish leaders.

Syrians Must Take the Lead!

The extremists live in a state of reassurance about the internationalization of the Syrian issue. They know, as everyone knows, that the international clash is not only about Syria – though Syria has become at the top of its agenda – but also about a new reformulation of the whole international relations. It is a clash that will not end in the near future, but will take several more years to reach its logical ends.

Sochi Summit ... a Large Step Forward

Today's summit in Sochi [17th September, 2018] between the Russian and Turkish presidents marked an important and significant step forward towards ending terrorism in Syria as well as towards consolidating the political solution to the crisis. The fourth de-escalation zone has gained greater momentum by becoming co-sponsored by Russia and Turkey, and this will help to get rid of the internationally classified terrorist groups more rapidly. This process will take place in accordance with new ways and methods different from what has been followed in other regions, for several considerations, the most important of which:

Extermination of Al-Nusra and Protection of Civilians

The propaganda campaign concerning the ongoing preparations for the restoration of Idleb governorate to the authority of the Syrian state, is continuing and expanding under the banner of caring for the civilians. It is clear that this campaign –  in which all the forces of obstruction are involved from the United States to its regional allies, to some Syrian opposition forces – aims to prevent the elimination of the Terrorist organization of Al-Nusra Front, and this is meant to perpetuate the abnormal situation in Idlib, allowing Syria to remain hostage to Western countries, their mined solutions and their own reconstruction projects, to try to freeze the status quo, leading to division and fragmentation, blocking any gaining of the antecedent accrued benefits from the path of Astana to go on toward a political solution.

Entitlements of Retreat

The process of new international polarization between the rising powers and the declining powers is becoming evident day by day. The issue of USA withdrawal is getting deeper and deeper, from the Korean crisis and the China Sea up to the floundering in Iran's nuclear file.

The Three Tracks = 2254

About one week went by, since the failed Western aggression against Syria, but very soon thereafter things returned back on track, heading to the activation of the triad (Geneva, Astana, Sochi), which was an evident matter at Lavrov's meeting with De Mistura on April 20.

Press Release by Moscow Platform on the Recent Meeting of the Syrian Negotiating Commission

The leadership of the Moscow Platform was briefed by its representatives within the Syrian Negotiating Commission (SNC) on the proceedings of the last meeting of the Commission held during the period from 16 to 19 April 2018 in the Saudi capital city of Riyadh, and in view of the rapid developments witnessed in the Syrian file, especially after what happened in the eastern Ghouta and Afrin, and after the US-French-British aggression,  Moscow platform considered it necessary to inform the Syrian public opinion of its assessment of the latest meeting of SNC, which is supposed to play a serious role in reaching a political solution that the Syrian disaster will not end without. This evaluation can be summarized in the following points:

Statement by Media Office of Moscow Platform

A few hours ago, a statement was issued by the Media Office of the Syrian Negotiation Commission which "condemns the chemical attack" and demands that "the Syrian issue be presented outside the Security Council".

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