Statement by Moscow Platform: Political Solution... The Only Antidote

Statement by Moscow Platform: Political Solution... The Only Antidote

The collapse of the already precarious living situation of the overwhelming majority of Syrians has accelerated in the past two weeks. The catastrophic collapse of the Syrian pound is one of the important indicators of this collapse, which is a direct result of the delay in serious engagement in the process of political solution, a delay that deepens the Syrian humanitarian tragedy and worsens the bleeding Syrian wound, threatening to re-open the doors to all dangerous possibilities for the people and the country.

In parallel with the major dangers, came the irresponsible behavior demonstrated by both the government and opposition delegations during the second round of the Small Body of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which was overshadowed by the useless media swordplay and resorting again to preconditions as have been habitually done by the extremists on both sides.

The national, humanitarian and moral responsibility of the Syrian political parties to get the country out of its crisis is a great responsibility, which should not be diminished by any attempts to lay responsibility at the door of some foreign role or international balance. The real push of the political process towards full implementation of the UNSCR 2254, to enable the Syrian people to have self-determination, has tuned into the only antidote to stop the total collapse. Consequently, the immediate transfer of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee to Damascus, with securing the necessary guarantees, and under the auspices of the United Nations, has become an urgent and necessity that can not be postponed, despite of the formal acceptance by the government whithout being associated with any practical act, which is completely equal in its outcome with the absolute rejection shown by some opposition parties...

Damascus – December, 2, 2019

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