Crisis... Be More intense, Be Closer to Détente

Crisis... Be More intense, Be Closer to Détente

The blockers of political solution, the Westerners and their followers and supporters in the various parties, have been accustomed to be in solidarity with each other along the past bitter years. Their plan has always been to keep the suspended files on hold, while using one file at a time as the main tool for hindering, while pretending to be flexible with the other files.

In the center of attention to be used for hindering, was sometimes the constitutional committee, another time it was Idlib, a third time was the northeast, a fourth one was the sanctions, and a fifth was the reconstruction file... and so on.

In parallel with the subversive work of these people, the Syrian patriots and the real allies of the Syrian people managed to end what could be ended of the files, especially during 2017 and 2018, significantly reducing the areas of terrorism, conflict and armed action, and pushing forward the remaining files with great determination, albeit through small and slow steps but steadily.

What we see today is that the opponents of the solution are forced to use all their weight of hinderance, and in all the files at the same time, without any ambiguity or attempt to suggest that they want a solution. In this regard, their objectives can be listed:

  • Public action to disrupt the constitutional committee, and generate a stream of initiatives that all aim to escape the entitlement to form and launch its work.
  • The tightening of Western sanctions to the maximum limit, in parallel with the insistence of large corruption to prevent the eastward orientation, and keep the Syrian economy subjected to suffocation from the West, with all the great risks that this carries.
  • Increasing the degree of tension in the file of East Euphrates, with feeding the hope that tri-Astana could be pushed to infight with each other, which is similar to wish that Hell could freeze over.
  • To intensify the work to prevent the end of the file of terrorism in Idlib, through various ways, like threatening to fabricate plays of chemical attacks, or increasing the pressure on Turkey, or strengthening and supporting terrorists, or the use of the pretexts provided by the extremists to portray the Battle of Idlib as a battle to eliminate the civilians there, and they even want that battle to be so!
  • Pressure to stop any possible progress in the issues of reconstruction and return of refugees, and to remove the burden of these matters away from the West by making the necessary excuses.

What is new in what we are living today is that the extremists on both sides are no longer able to mask their faces. They are forced to declare their extremism and their blocking efforts and their strong desire for "historic reconciliation" with the West, both under and upon the table. What is important for them is to get rid off the ghost of 2254.

The essence of the issue lies in the following fact: the path of Astana, with its Russian center, and its broad global alliance, in which China occupies a central position, and over three years of progress, and in the various stuck issues, has accumulated quantitative changes that came close to the qualitative turning point, that is, the various stuck contradictions have reached its maximum point or very close to that point, which means that these contradictions will all be solved at once, quickly, and within the foreseeable prospect. The solution would not be anything but the full implementation of resolution 2254.

The giant genie, which has never stopped growing, and who they never stopped trying to stifle and kill him, will soon emerge through 2254. That genie is nothing but the popular movement that will continue within a new wave for achieving the radical comprehensive change that has been a due for decades, a change for the benefit of the Syrian people, and against the Western and Zionist destructive interests.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 912, May 7, 2019