US Withdrawal... A Signal of Beginning the Real Solution Statement by People's Will Party

US Withdrawal... A Signal of Beginning the Real Solution Statement by People's Will Party

The US decision to withdraw from Syria was an important indicator of the clear shift of the new international balance against Western interests in general and the US in particular. It is a withdrawal that would have taken place sooner or later, but the Americans chose a time aiming at two goals:

The first: to reduce the size of their losses and try to go out voluntarily before the entitlement of their expulsion becomes a reality.

The second: trying to shift the atmosphere towards tension in an attempt to turn their withdrawal into a fuse of fighting and a comprehensive conflict between all components of the region, including the Astana trio.

The United State's withdrawal as an important step towards restoring the sovereignty of the Syrian people on their soil, is also an important opportunity to move forward towards a comprehensive political solution through UNSC resolution 2254, which is the only guarantee for the reunification of the Syrian people and the restoration of their full sovereignty, self-determination, and the choice of their coming regime.

In order to be able to get a real benefit from this withdrawal and to avoid the US mines, the following pivotal points should be worked urgently:

  • Deepening the understandings between the Astana trio, of which we see clear signs through the announcement of a joint mechanism on Syria.
  • integrating the Syrian political components existing in East Euphrates, especially the Kurdish political components, within the Syrian political process in its various details, including the consensus among the Syrians to solve the problems related to the form of the state and the distribution of powers, and to completely end the illusions of reliance on USA, which has not provided any good throughout its entire history in the region, including towards the Kurdish people.
  • The Syrian army is the only one that should stand on the Syrian border and regain the Syrian territory occupied during the last period. The same applies to every region where there is a foreign presence, whatever this presence, and this must be done to reach and consolidate civil peace.

Whether Washington committed to the withdrawal it announced, or retracted it and tried to procrastinate, the previous three procedures are sufficient to force the Americans to abide by what they announced, and also sufficient to open the way to political solution irreversibly, and therefore all Syrians must work in this direction.


People's Will Party

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