Statement by Moscow Platform

Statement by Moscow Platform

In the past week, some media outlets have been talking about the expenses of the Syrian Negotiation Commission and about monthly salaries or monetary remuneration paid to its members.

Because of our firm stance in Moscow Platform, since the beginning of the formation of the Commission, to refuse any money from any donor because of the impact of this on independence of the political decision, we have refused to receive any money.

In order to resolve the controversy raised in the media, we addressed the Secretariat of the Syrian Negotiation Commission and asked them to let us review the budget of the Commission since its establishment and so far. We sent a delegate from our Platform to Riyadh to carry out the disclosure and acquaintance. The delegate completed his mission yesterday evening.

We found that only eight members – of the total of 35 members – never receive any money. The remaining members, however, receive monthly salaries under the name of remuneration  

And among those who do not receive money: all of the four members of Moscow Platform within the Commission, and we have got the documents proving this.

Clarification was therefore required.

Moscow Platform of Syrian Opposition
13 December 2018

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