Self-Determination Without Intervention

Self-Determination Without Intervention

In the last few days there have been very contradictory statements on the subject of the constitutional committee, especially from the US side, whose representative in the UN Security Council has declared that the idea has been given enough time and has not been realized, and therefore, the international envoy must abandon it, in parallel with the completion of understandings on the Committee and the approach of the declaration of its formation.

What should be clear, and in parallel with the importance of the idea of the Constitutional Commission, is that the latter is ultimately one of the many 2254 items, which should all be implemented. If we have seen, over a year and a half, a tension moving back and forth between the extremists of the two parties, ranging from an absolute rejection of the idea to a formal acceptance of it accompanied by a tacit rejection of the details, all this confirms the fact that the two sides objected to the essence of resolution 2254: the right of the Syrian people to self-determination.

On the one hand, extremists at home want to obstruct the constitutional process (through the Committee or otherwise) for as long as possible, in the hope that the Constitutional Committee, when it is formed, will reduce the process of change so that no real change is produced.

On the other hand, extremists from outside, primarily the West-backed ones, want to prevent the constitutional process from starting, except in accordance with mechanisms and methods similar to those of the Small Group in its "non-papers", where the change is tailored from outside in proportion to the interests of the outside.

If the extremists of the interior stand in the face of any change, except for formal changes, and if the extremists of the outside want a change on their own and in their interests, what is common to both of these parties is that they are hostile to the essence of UNSC resolution 2254, which admits the right of the Syrian people to self-determination, to determine their own future and the future of their country away from pressures and foreign interventions on the one hand, but also away from the power of the state apparatus and power of money over their decisions and freedoms.

The resolution, in essence, is not only a protection of the will of the Syrians from external interventions, but also of the power of the coalition between the forces of obstruction and the forces of money at home as well.

What should be clear to all is that the Syrian crisis can not be overcome, nor even stopped at the catastrophic limits it has reached, without the Syrians having the genuine and actual right to self-determination.

One of the most important revolutionary leaders of the 20th century, once said, "It is not important who votes. The important thing is to who counts the votes". In this sense, ensuring the Syrian people's control over the counting apparatus in the broad sense is the guarantee of fundamental change. This requires deep and radical changes, the constitutional committee and others are only the key to it, so that this apparatus is made immune to the forces of the outside, and also away from the forces of obstruction at home: that is to be exclusively in the hands of the Syrian people, which is will ultimately happen. This is because it is the only way to solve the Syrian crisis effectively, and because it is the only way corresponding to the new form of the world under construction, a world free of various forms of colonialism and exploitation, both direct and indirect, and whether such forms use, as their instrumentals, the outside forces or the inside tools.

Kassioun Editorial, July 01, 2019

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