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The "Components", and the Old and New Syria!

Media and political outlets these days are flooded with analyses and proposals that overestimate the rhetoric of "the components", "the majorities", "the minorities", and of finding consensus and compromise between them in the new Syria.

Production and Reproduction of Life!

«According to the materialistic conception of history, the production and reproduction of real life constitutes in the last instance the determining factor of history», Engels wrote in to Joseph Bloch in a letter on historical materialism in 1890*.

You Will Not Pass!

Last week witnessed an unprecedented political and diplomatic mobilisation, both qualitatively and qualitatively, in the context of pushing forward the political process of solving the Syrian crisis: from the meeting of the leaders of the troika (Russia – Turkey – Iran), to the opposition meetings in Riyadh and preparations for the Syrian dialogue in Sochi, in addition to the various international and regional reactions and shuttle visits made by the international envoy. These developments taken together constitute an integrated package, confirming the beginning of a qualitative shift in the course of the Syrian situation as a whole.

Press Release about the Consultative Meeting in Riyadh

A consultative meeting between the three opposition platforms - Moscow, Riyadh and Cairo - took place on Monday (August 21st) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the invitation of the High Negotiations Committee.