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What Has Hindered the Implementation of 2254?

It has been nearly five and a half years since the adoption of UNSC Resolution 2254 providing for a solution to the Syrian crisis. At that time, the resolution was adopted unanimously by the members of the UN Security Council, though it has yet to be implemented.

The Putin-Biden Summit and the Syrian Opposition

Talk about the Putin-Biden summit, which will be held on the 16th of this month in Geneva, occupies the top place in the various current political discussions. This is not surprising, especially when it comes to hot clashing points, as is the case in Syria.

American Arrogance, between the Rhetoric and the Behavior

During the last four months, since the new administration took office, the US rhetoric has been characterized by an escalation in most major affairs in the international framework, especially those related to the conflict with Russia and China, whether through NATO or the many European files, including Ukraine and the gas pipeline dossiers, and others. This rhetoric is in essence a continuation of the US rhetoric during the Trump era, though some details might differ.

What’s the Real Objective from the Zionist Assaults, and What’s their Deep Meaning?

There is a noteworthy consensus in assessing the objectives of the repeated “Israeli” military assaults in Syria. As we hear from analysts from various sides a unified assessment, the summary of which is that the attacks target Iranian and Hezbollah sites, forces, weapons, or leaders operating on Syrian soil, and that their objective is to undermine the possibilities of transferring weapons to Hezbollah, as well as undermining “Iranian influence”.

Another Year… No Solution but a Political One

A few days separate us from the end of a year that is, by all accounts, the most catastrophic for Syria and the Syrian people. While the world is preoccupied these days with counting its Coronavirus-related losses, the pandemic itself almost seems just a small detail in the long list of tragedies that Syrians are experiencing.

The New Syrian Constitution: Brief or Detailed… How Do We Guarantee Establishment of the Rights and Flexibility to Amend?

If the constitution is one of the main topics that come up nowadays due to the “ongoing work” of the Constitutional Committee (which is revolving in place till now), what is more important is that talking about the new constitution and paying attention to it is mainly due to it being one of the main pillars of the political process outlined in UNSCR 2254, which specifically calls for ≪drafting a new constitution≫.

The "Components", and the Old and New Syria!

Media and political outlets these days are flooded with analyses and proposals that overestimate the rhetoric of "the components", "the majorities", "the minorities", and of finding consensus and compromise between them in the new Syria.

Production and Reproduction of Life!

«According to the materialistic conception of history, the production and reproduction of real life constitutes in the last instance the determining factor of history», Engels wrote in to Joseph Bloch in a letter on historical materialism in 1890*.

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