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The Natural Popular Tendency Towards Resisting the US, and the Attempts to Exploit it!

During the last few months, US occupation in northeastern Syria has been subject to increasing pressures aiming to expel it from the country. Some of that has been through explicit calls to work against the occupation, and even more important than that what the direct actions we are seeing on the ground, albeit still limited.

The American Gasping for Chaos

The comic scene in which Washington found itself in the UN Security Council days ago, with one ally, the Dominican Republic, which is “microscopic” in size and weight, facing all other countries, represents a prototype of complete series of plays that we will witness through the coming months and years; Such is the case for historically crumbling empires, which, in their last days, turn into an ideal model of cynicism.


Your Alignment Today Determines Your Location Tomorrow!

Three Declarations came as primary headlines in the past week, respectively: The declaration of The Central Bank of England that: «Dependence on Dollar should began to be ended and another alternative reserves currency should be looked for», and Macron declaration that «the era of Western hegemony came to an end», and finally, Trump's declaration in his dispute with the Federal Reserve Bank, in which he put forward the idea of adopting the policy of a weak dollar.

The End of Era of Dictation and Assault

It is no secret that the last session of the United Nations General Assembly has clearly demonstrated the change in the international balance of forces, as expressed by Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister: "Numerous problems of the modern time can be resolved only on the basis of equality and mutual respect. Dictate and coercion, so typical of the colonial era, are to be once and for all… left on the ash heap of history".

Extermination of Al-Nusra and Protection of Civilians

The propaganda campaign concerning the ongoing preparations for the restoration of Idleb governorate to the authority of the Syrian state, is continuing and expanding under the banner of caring for the civilians. It is clear that this campaign –  in which all the forces of obstruction are involved from the United States to its regional allies, to some Syrian opposition forces – aims to prevent the elimination of the Terrorist organization of Al-Nusra Front, and this is meant to perpetuate the abnormal situation in Idlib, allowing Syria to remain hostage to Western countries, their mined solutions and their own reconstruction projects, to try to freeze the status quo, leading to division and fragmentation, blocking any gaining of the antecedent accrued benefits from the path of Astana to go on toward a political solution.

Not a Trade War

The meeting of the Big Seven; the disagreements over the final communique; followed by the US president's quick withdrawal from what was agreed upon; then the European and Canadian hints about the possibility of dispensing with USA presence in the group. All of these events made up a new occasion conforming the division of the Western world, and another proof that what is happening is not just a trade war under the title of steel and aluminum, as promoted, or just divergent views on this or that issue, as rumored! What is happening is rather an expression of a deep structural crisis in the entire Western capitalist center, which touches upon its most important economic and political components. In this context comes the behavior of the United States of America against the background of "self-distancing" from the consequences of this crisis. USA actually knows more than others the depth of the crisis, because it is the center of the crisis.

Entitlements of Retreat

The process of new international polarization between the rising powers and the declining powers is becoming evident day by day. The issue of USA withdrawal is getting deeper and deeper, from the Korean crisis and the China Sea up to the floundering in Iran's nuclear file.