Kassioun Editorial 1171: The Iranian Attack and “Tom & Jerry”

Kassioun Editorial 1171: The Iranian Attack and “Tom & Jerry”

Two opinions are being promoted in some media outlets, and within Syrian political and general public circles, regarding the Iranian attack on “Israel” on April 14. The first opinion considers what happened to be mere theatrics directed by the US and performed by both Iran and Israel”, in a similar style to “Tom & Jerry”. The second opinion is that we, as Syrians, have no business in this conflict, and nothing will come to us from it except losses.

The relative popularity of opinions of this kind (and it is not surprising that extremists from all sides are promoting them) is the result of the accumulation of years of crisis, along with decades of insulting patriotic slogans by using them to cover up plunder, corruption, and oppression. It is also a product of the accumulation of American-Zionist propaganda over decades, supported, of course, by Syrian warlords from the various sides, who still believe that their survival and salvation are linked to pleasing the American boss.

It is not hard to realize what lies behind these opinions: starting with attempting to revive the Sunni-Shiite divide in the region, primarily for the benefit of the Zionist entity; justifying the failure of the Arab regimes; trying to distort the image of the resistance within the popular consciousness; and attempting to prepare the ground for the illusions of normalization and enjoying American approval.

An objective reading of the Iranian attack, away from any prior bias, reveals several things, the most important of which are:
First: It is an unprecedented attack over the past decades, whether in terms of its size, the type of weapons used, or the fact that it is a direct confrontation at the state level, and not at the level of groups and organizations.

Second: In a purely military sense, although news of the attack was known at least 72 hours ahead of time, and “Israel” countered it in cooperation with the US, Britain, France, and Jordan, it was able to hit its two main military targets. Those targets were an intelligence center in the occupied Syrian Golan, and an airport in the Negev, with hypersonic missiles, only a very limited number of which were launched, and all of them reached their targets. Nothing among all Western defenses today can confront this type of missile.

Third: In the military-political sense, in addition to exposing the entire “Israeli” defense system in its maximum operating state, what was targeted and destroyed, specifically in the airport, were the runways made of several meters of reinforced concrete, the same ones used to protect the Dimona reactor and the “Israeli” nuclear arsenal. This was a clear message that targeting the reactor and arsenal is an option available to Iran in the event of a comprehensive confrontation.

Fourth: In a political sense, the attack was designed to cause no casualties. This is evident from announcing it ahead of time, and from choosing to fly both the drones and cruise missiles at high altitudes (making it easy to shoot them down). The attack was designed in this manner so as not to serve Netanyahu in seeking to expand the scope of the war, but at the same time conveying the political-military messages that needed to be conveyed as clearly as possible.

The most important goal of promoting “Tom & Jerry”-style opinions is to try to obscure the major change that has taken place and is taking place in the international balance of power; the change in which Washington – and with it the Zionist entity – is retreating, at increasing speeds, while China, Russia, and their allies are advancing at the regional and global levels.

As for Syrians, the battle with the Zionists has always been their main battle, and still is. Even their internal struggle is an extension of this battle against the representatives of neocolonialism, including plunderers, corrupt people, and warlords. It has been proven in practice that those who separate the national struggle from the socioeconomic struggle fail in both, regardless of whether it is done naively or deliberately.

In the end, the facts and consequences of the Iranian attack, and the “Israeli” media response thereto, place the entire region on the cusp of a new phase, the title of which is resolving its crises without the American and at its expense and the Zionist’s expense. This implicitly includes resolving the Syrian crisis on the basis of UNSC Resolution 2254, in a way that unites Syria and the Syrian people, and in a way that guarantees the right of the Syrian people to self-determination; a people who, no matter how intense the attempts to manipulate their consciousness, will never stand against the Palestinian cause, which has previously been and even more today constitutes a compass for global polarization.

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