Your Alignment Today Determines Your Location Tomorrow!

Your Alignment Today Determines Your Location Tomorrow!

Three Declarations came as primary headlines in the past week, respectively: The declaration of The Central Bank of England that: «Dependence on Dollar should began to be ended and another alternative reserves currency should be looked for», and Macron declaration that «the era of Western hegemony came to an end», and finally, Trump's declaration in his dispute with the Federal Reserve Bank, in which he put forward the idea of adopting the policy of a weak dollar.

These three declarations are nothing but a clear admission by the heads of «the historical Western hegemony» that their hegemony came to its end. And that it is necessary to look for realistic ways to deal with the new world. In other words, the world, which was actively and rapidly changing, but without an explicit declaration, is now announcing its change by its own «former rulers».

In this sense, the discourse that Kassioun has always expressed, since the beginning of this century, is more tangible and clearer than ever before; there are now rising forces and falling forces in the world, and the historical trend has become steady towards further ascending of the rising ones and further deterioration of the falling ones.

In this sense, too, in the light of these statements, it becomes clearer what we said in the past Kassioun editorial: «Turkey Has No Half-Way Compromise»; The power or state that stands with the retreated ones will sink with them.

This is not only a matter of Turkey, but of all the powers and states in our region and across the world. It is now fair to say: Tell me where you line up within the new international balance, and I will tell you what future awaits you!
With regard to the Syrian situation directly, three preliminary conclusions can be drawn in the same general context of the above ideas:

First, the recent talk of a «safe zone» and what appeared to be a «Russian understanding» of Turkish behavior means exactly raising the degree of coordination between the Russians and the Turks in order to accelerate the reduction of US weight within Syria and the region in general, and on the basis of the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 and on the basis of territorial unity and independence of Syria.

Second, the solution to the Syrian crisis will be solely by the rising powers, and according to UNSCR 2254, Astana and Sochi. The Western quest to prolong the Syrian crisis is no longer related to the crisis itself, but has become equivalent to the attempts of the West itself within the equation of engagement, allowing to postpone its exit from the whole equation at the time of the announcement of the results which became clear; That is, to allow postponement of the final and full recognition of retreat.

Third: In the same context, every local or regional force that keeps threads of connection with the US and its allies, and relies on them, this is not because they rely on some role the US will grant to them within the solution, but exactly because it does not want the solution, and beg the US remaining, either directly or from under the table, not only to prolong the Syrian crisis, but mainly to prolong the survival of these same forces, which will soon evaporate once begins the real solution that will determine the fate of Syria for the next several decades to begin.

‫Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 929, Sept. 2, 2019‬