The American Gasping for Chaos

The American Gasping for Chaos

The comic scene in which Washington found itself in the UN Security Council days ago, with one ally, the Dominican Republic, which is “microscopic” in size and weight, facing all other countries, represents a prototype of complete series of plays that we will witness through the coming months and years; Such is the case for historically crumbling empires, which, in their last days, turn into an ideal model of cynicism.


Nevertheless, and while this process of retreat and decay takes its time, it will make, and indeed it has already made, its way through calamities, tragedies and blood. Our mission is to reduce these sequelae to the minimum level or prevent them wherever we can. Unfortunately, our region was at the forefront of global transformation taxpayers.

In the context of the general American retreat, the process of withdrawal and military repositioning has become clearly manifested, and perhaps Bolton's statements in which he emphasized the general trend of a comprehensive US withdrawal, even from NATO, is just one indicator (though an important one) additional to many facts.

As part of the withdrawal process, which will include Syria, USA is striving, in a frantic race against time, to propagate chaos and lay mines in every place it would retreat from, as it was also used to do during its presence. The function of chaos and quagmires is to prolong the attrition of opponents, and to prevent the stability of the areas which the US would leave, and in other words, and as a general outcome, to delay the unfolding of the new international balance in its full size; because chaos during wars usually leaves possibilities open, though for a while.

In terms of the concrete Syrian situation, the American action is focused on a set of files, that we can summarize the most basic ones of them as follows:

First: In the northeast, the US is seeking to weaken all forces, and at the same time to embroil them into inter-fighting, and in particular, seeking to use the nationalist conflict card between Arabs and Kurds. For this purpose, extremists are being used from all Syrian sides, and are being utilized to the maximum.

Second: In the northwest, the US is working on accelerating the process of "Syrianization" Al-Nusra Front, which Washington has been seeking for several months, if not years. This is in parallel with al-Julani's recent moves, and the media momentum that is provided around him by American research centers.

Third: In the rest of the Syrian regions, US is working on keeping the grip of sanctions increasingly holding around these regions, through Caesar in particular, exploiting even the coronavirus crisis, and taking advantage, of course, of the extremists within the regime and their big corruption, to turn these areas into a powder keg and detonate it if possible.

Fourth: In general sense, and through holding all the previous threads together, the US is continuing its attempts to sow discord among the Astana trio, hoping to impede the implementation of Sochi Agreement – which during the past weeks has made remarkable progress towards its full implementation – and to impede the solution and impede the implementation of UNSCR 2254 in general.

The previous points are not all the lines that the American is working on, but we believe they are the most prominent ones. In addition, of course, to the continuous US support for the Zionist entity and the attempt to impose it, in one way or another, as "part of the solution"!

On the other hand, the task entrusted to everyone who has an interest in ending the Syrian crisis is summarized by the following essential points:

(1) Deepening understanding and coordination between the Astana trio.

(2) Raising the degree of resistance against the American presence in Syria.

(3) Raising the degrees of inter-dialogue between among the Syrian forces and components, leading to understanding and cooperation.

(4) A serious and immediate move towards the full implementation of the UNSC Resolution 2254, starting, at this stage, from sincere efforts to make the next constitutional round a success.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue no. 979, August 17, 2020