Kassioun Editorial 1173: In Order to Win the Golan... and win Syria!

Kassioun Editorial 1173: In Order to Win the Golan... and win Syria!

Washington continues its unlimited support for Tel Aviv, including through attempts to suppress American students protesting the genocide, in a continuous and painstaking search for a way out of their common predicament.

In the field, “Israel” has been unable, despite all Western financial, media, military, and political support, to achieve any of its declared goals in Gaza, not to mention the gradual escalation of resistance in its various forms in the West Bank.

Moreover, “Israel” and Washington have been unable to control the multiple supportive open fronts – which are likely to escalate – against the Zionist Entity, from southern Lebanon to the Houthis to Iran to Iraq and recently even Bahrain.

At the media and popular levels, including in the West, there is now openly talk about the collapse and fall of the Zionist narrative, and the student demonstrations in the US, which have started moving towards Europe, are an important indicator in this context.

At the political level, a deal is being sought that would constitute a partial way out for the Zionist Entity and Washington, and also for Biden – who is awaiting heated elections – through normalization with Saudi Arabia. All realistic indicators – despite all the American and American-subservient Arab media deception – say that there is no horizon for such a way out, and that the alleged “temptations” presented to Saudi Arabia no longer have any practical value. Starting with the talk about “Western defense systems”, which have failed in the Saudis’ test thereof for their effectiveness in the Yemen war and failed the past seven months in Gaza and everything that happened on its margins. The “temptations” also include the peaceful nuclear reactors, for which Saudi Arabia now has two other declared options to provide without political conditions: China and Russia. Other “temptations” include the alleged “economic benefits”, which were experienced by the countries of the Abraham Accords, and therebefore by Wadi Araba and Camp David, and which were summarized by the poet Ahmed Fouad Negm a long time ago, when he said: “Oh joy on Victory Day, we won Sinai and lost Egypt”.

Within these coordinates, it seems that the US and with it the Zionist Entity, are looking for another unexpected way out: through Syria.

Talk about the “step for step” project, which is nothing new and we have previously looked into in detail many times. This project boils down to an under-the-table agreement that undermines the political solution by destroying UNSC Resolution 2254, perpetuates the de facto division, and transfers Syria permanently from one bank to another within the framework of geopolitical positioning at the regional and international levels.

What is new is the increasing indicators in American-Zionist action in this direction, starting with Biden’s direct intervention in preventing the passage of the “anti-normalization” act, and hastily implementing the recommendations of the IMF and World Bank inside Syria in terms of the economy and the role of the state apparatus in it and in society as a whole. There are also other similar indicators, including European movements, as well as operations to cauterize social consciousness in Syria by breaking all previous national taboos by describing “Israel” as an “aggressor”, in contrast to Iran as an “enemy”, which happened through one Emirati channel while hosting a speaker from Inside Syria.

Syrians’ principled and patriotic position against the “Israeli” Entity is a position that has always been correct, and today it is more fundamental and necessary from the point of view of Syria’s existence and its future.

Moreover, if this position in previous international balances was a principled one, today it is a principled, practical, and applicable position all the way to actually liberating the Golan. This victory will not be like that of Camp David when “we won Sinai and lost Egypt”. We must win the Golan and Syria together.
Pursuing the patriotic option to the end requires the broadest alliance among Syrian patriots, regardless of their current alignments, towards solidifying Syria’s patriotic position through a basic tool: restoring the Syrian people’s right to self-determination, through a comprehensive political solution based on UNSC Resolution 2254. This would be done in cooperation with Astana, China, and main Arab countries, including Algeria and Saudi Arabia, and against wishes of the American if necessary.

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