Entitlements of Retreat

Entitlements of Retreat

The process of new international polarization between the rising powers and the declining powers is becoming evident day by day. The issue of USA withdrawal is getting deeper and deeper, from the Korean crisis and the China Sea up to the floundering in Iran's nuclear file.

The importance of the US decline lies not only in the successive losses of the American strategy, but also in the fact that this retreat opens the way for alternative options, depending on the characteristics and circumstances of each country in the world.

The failure of the tripartite aggression to achieve its objectives, and recession of the role of armed action after the operations in the eastern Ghouta and the entire vicinity of Damascus the capital and the northern part of Homs, does not mean a change in the priorities that must be addressed, nor in the main headlines in the Syrian situation. The national democratic change was, and still is, a historical necessity imposed by the Syrian situation itself. It is also a necessary internal Syrian need, not merely a desire for some political trend, or related to temporary circumstances. It is rather an existing historical process that has been in place since before 2011 and the explosion of the crisis in the way it was. In fact, this process is continuous until this necessity is achieved. This change is, on the one hand, a legal right for the Syrian people, and on the other hand, a national necessity related to providing the means to restore the sovereignty of the Syrian state and protect its integrity.

It has been confirmed, through tangible experience during the years of the Syrian crisis, that it is impossible to manage the affairs of the country in the same previous way, neither in terms of the structure of the existing political regime, nor in terms of the existing methods and mechanisms of wealth distribution. This means that change is a political and socio-economic necessity at the same time. It is not a question of formality, that can be solved by few procedures, but a profound and radical process, the essence of which is making the Syrian people decide their own fate without any form of guardianship.

This fact is not negated by the existence of the forces of terrorism and their role, nor is it negated by any level of external intervention, whether direct or indirect, nor is it negated by the presence of old and new foreign occupation forces on the Syrian soil. On the contrary, all of these impose the serious seeking for such a process of change as fast as possible.

It is essential to say that the approach to the desired change in the circumstances of today, and within the complexities of the Syrian crisis, its premises, complications, its internal and external factors, and its fate, passes exclusively through the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, i.e. through the consensual political solution.

Starting this solution is in line with the trend of global developments and the new balance of international forces. It means imposing further decline on the forces of war and aggression on a global scale, and cutting the way for attempts by the declining powers to invent pretexts and seize opportunities to regain their lost positions, which, if happened, would only cost more losses, especially that the forces of war within the US administration are trying to strain the situation again through the Iranian nuclear file, although the probability of success of this attempt will not be better than its predecessors, in terms of influence on the general trend.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 861, May 7, 2018

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