Extermination of Al-Nusra and Protection of Civilians

Extermination of Al-Nusra and Protection of Civilians

The propaganda campaign concerning the ongoing preparations for the restoration of Idleb governorate to the authority of the Syrian state, is continuing and expanding under the banner of caring for the civilians. It is clear that this campaign –  in which all the forces of obstruction are involved from the United States to its regional allies, to some Syrian opposition forces – aims to prevent the elimination of the Terrorist organization of Al-Nusra Front, and this is meant to perpetuate the abnormal situation in Idlib, allowing Syria to remain hostage to Western countries, their mined solutions and their own reconstruction projects, to try to freeze the status quo, leading to division and fragmentation, blocking any gaining of the antecedent accrued benefits from the path of Astana to go on toward a political solution.

The Western circles are trying, inter alia, to work on the differences that have emerged in the positions of the Troika countries on the issue of Idlib, although these differences have been and can be solved with time, as evidenced by concrete experience, contrary to the contradictions that plague the American party and its allies, which are deepening day after day. The rising powers on the international scene are now in a position to be a locomotive to drag a country like Turkey, despite the internal and external contradictions this latter country is suffering from. All of these countries are targeted by the U.S. project, and their interests increasingly intersect with each other under circumstances of the blackmail practiced upon them by Washington through sanctions. Therefore, they have no choice but coordination and joint action option, in response to the U.S. project to ignite bellum omnium contra omnes.

The international, regional and local obstructive forces seek to hide behind the banner of the protection of civilians, exerting extensive media and diplomatic pressures, and even hint at a military option under the pretext of a use of chemical weapons, despite the well-known fact that the actual protection of civilians lies actually in the elimination of the internationally classified terrorist forces, so there is no discrepancy between the extermination of Al-Nusra Front and the protection of civilians, and the concrete task in this area is to achieve both goals as complementary goals, especially as the people of those areas have been fed up with the practices of the "Al-Nusra Front" and those like them.

Irrespective of the form that the end of the tense situation in Idlib would take, in light of the diversity of frequent creative initiatives by the Russian ally, the Syrian experience – since the Battles of Aleppo and through the Ghouta, the Southern of Syria, and the north of Homs – confirms that the general trend in the Syrian crisis is already settled. This trend is the combination of military and politico-diplomatic activities and pushing for a political solution on the basis of international resolutions, primarily UNSC Resolution 2254. The international resolutions under the new international balance of forces - as we have repeatedly affirmed – have been existed in order to be implemented, after it came to an end that time when the United States dominated the international decision-making and worked hard to use the international organization as a springboard to achieve its projects.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 879, September 17, 2018

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