Kassioun Editorial 1170: The “Israeli” Predicament is Deepening Daily

Kassioun Editorial 1170: The “Israeli” Predicament is Deepening Daily

Over 190 days have passed since the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation started, followed by the barbaric aggressive war on the Gaza Strip, and all that is happening in parallel of criminal retaliatory behavior in the West Bank and strikes on Syria and Lebanon. It is by far the longest war in the entire history of the Zionist entity, and it has not achieved any of its declared goals. Moreover, its predicament at the various levels is becoming deeper and more complex, while carrying the seeds of a comprehensive change in the entire system of the region. The unprecedented direct Iranian strikes on the Zionist entity are only one feature of that change.

The many components of the “Israeli” impasse are intertwined, but among the most important are the following:

First: The new international balance continues to emerge day after day, and the desperate American struggle to turn back the clock, through “the dead old clinging to the threads of the alive new”. This is reflected in the relationship between the Americans and the Zionist entity, as American work is underway to control the Zionist entity within the limits of its original function as an American tool to achieve American strategies in the region and the comprehensive American strategy. This is clearly evident in the extent of the Zionist entity’s near absolute dependency and reliance on the US, including ammunition, defense and attack systems, economic realities, and political positions at the international level. All of these lead to one fact: the Zionist entity has lost any “relative independence” it previously acquired in the past during times of “relative calm” and American advancement at the international level.

Second: Regarding the Zionist entity’s war on Gaza, and despite the horrific crimes it has committed and is committing, nevertheless for the first time in its history, it is completely unable to achieve any of its goals, to the extent that the previously rare news of its soldiers getting killed has become recurring daily news. This has resulted in the Zionist entity losing its claimed deterrence capabilities and the legendary advancement of its army and weapons. All of this has deepened the already worsening internal crises on the demographic level within the Zionist racist scale, and on the economic level. Perhaps more importantly than that, it has made it lose the two most established foundations of its existence: the military superiority, which ensures a complete separation of its settlers from their immediate, regional, and international reality; and economic prosperity, which encourages continuing immigration thereto and staying therein. Ultimately, Zionist colonialism is a settler colonialism somewhat similar to French colonialism in Algeria, which, as soon as the Algerian resistance strikes intensified, began to crumble and collapse, leading to the mass flight of more than 800,000 French settlers within two years.

Third: The new regional situation in which the occupation has become directly targeted in parallel from several arenas – from Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and most recently, Iran. In this same situation, a significant part of the contradictions and conflicts that were one of the foundations of preserving the Zionist project were simultaneously getting resolved. Most important of those is the reduction of the degree of contradiction between Iran on the one hand and the main Arab countries on the other, and even between Turkey and these countries, to the point that some Gulf countries announced denying the US use of their bases in the Gulf in the context of responding to Iran or clashing therewith. This alone is a major qualitative shift from the previous situation.

If we combine the previous components with the accelerating American and Western decline, economically, politically, and among the general public, and the steady progress of the rising powers, we will see a picture indicating that major changes at the regional level are closer than ever before. This does not necessarily mean a rapid transition to comprehensive wars, but it does mean that resistance to American-Zionist projects in the entire region will continue its gradual and deliberate escalation until it reaches its final goal.

In this context, Syria is one of the main points within the region that needs to break the American-Zionist project as quickly as possible. A comprehensive political solution in Syria, based on UNSC Resolution 2254, will provide true unification of the Syrian people, and a clear and unambiguous positioning within the general battle, allowing the transition from the eternal preservation of the right to respond, to true deterrence.

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