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An Appeal #For_Syrians

Syrian people!

The crisis is almost eight years old, and Syrian bloodshed continues as a result of the extremists’ delusions – here and there – of a military resolution of the crisis, and also because of the support of the external forces hostile to the Syrian people for “Daesh” (ISIS), and “Al Nusra” terrorist groups.

The Political Solution… New Momentum

The negative atmosphere that followed the eighth round of Geneva has not lasted for more than a few days, as the Russian “dynamo” moved, and the wheel of the political process was hastened, spinning with a new acceleration. The overall political process has been mobilized, through three channels together: (Geneva – Sochi – Astana). The three meetings were scheduled to be held within the next two months, which strikes out the predictions of the “oracles” of the various kinds, who rushed to write obituary notices of Geneva and the political solution.

You Will Not Pass!

Last week witnessed an unprecedented political and diplomatic mobilisation, both qualitatively and qualitatively, in the context of pushing forward the political process of solving the Syrian crisis: from the meeting of the leaders of the troika (Russia – Turkey – Iran), to the opposition meetings in Riyadh and preparations for the Syrian dialogue in Sochi, in addition to the various international and regional reactions and shuttle visits made by the international envoy. These developments taken together constitute an integrated package, confirming the beginning of a qualitative shift in the course of the Syrian situation as a whole.

Your Task: Implementation Only...

The debate over the upcoming round of the Geneva negotiations over the Syrian crisis is becoming serious once again, in the context of the ongoing preparations for the resumption of these negotiations on the 28th of this month, as the international envoy announced.

The Solution... and the Departure of all Forces

The Syrian homeland has become an open battlefield for the armies of many countries and different armed forces with different goals, objectives and roles. With the decline of the fascist forces and the approaching political solution, the fate of these forces has become part of the media discourse of the various forces, and there is no doubt that the departure of all foreign forces without exception, later, is considered in principle a legitimate national demand, on the grounds that such a presence is a violation of national sovereignty, regardless of its primacy, the justification of it, its legitimacy or its conformity or non-conformity with international law…

Besiege Your Siege

The declaration of breaking the siege imposed on Deir al-Zour represents a new phase in the history of the Syrian crisis. Most analyses and readings of the event indicate that it is a continuation of the series of field defeats of Daesh [ISIS] terrorist organization. In addition, this event consolidates the appropriate atmosphere for a new advance on the path of the political process, and push it to the stage of direct negotiations between the regime and the opposition, especially as the process goes in parallel with expansion of the de-escalation zones.

Hardline Positions are Deadlocked

Observers of evolution of the Syrian crisis since 2011 have noticed that any hardline position taken by any side has always led to equally hard line ones from the other side, so that the law of action and reaction was the predominant and determining factor in directing the development of events.

Press Release about the Consultative Meeting in Riyadh

A consultative meeting between the three opposition platforms - Moscow, Riyadh and Cairo - took place on Monday (August 21st) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the invitation of the High Negotiations Committee.