Press Release by Moscow Platform on the Recent Meeting of the Syrian Negotiating Commission

Press Release by Moscow Platform on the Recent Meeting of the Syrian Negotiating Commission

The leadership of the Moscow Platform was briefed by its representatives within the Syrian Negotiating Commission (SNC) on the proceedings of the last meeting of the Commission held during the period from 16 to 19 April 2018 in the Saudi capital city of Riyadh, and in view of the rapid developments witnessed in the Syrian file, especially after what happened in the eastern Ghouta and Afrin, and after the US-French-British aggression,  Moscow platform considered it necessary to inform the Syrian public opinion of its assessment of the latest meeting of SNC, which is supposed to play a serious role in reaching a political solution that the Syrian disaster will not end without. This evaluation can be summarized in the following points:

First, our representatives during the meeting stressed our view that the Commission, through the behavior of some of its extremists, has given up its negotiating role. These forces have consistently tended to transform the commission into a political entity, which is unattainable. The negotiating commission failed to be a negotiating entity that brings together different forces that are impossible to integrate into a political entity.

Second: The extremist forces within the SNC insist, up to the moment, on such proposals as "a war of popular liberation" and the necessity of activating and unifying the military action and enlisting support in preparation for a long war that may extend for decades! As if the SNC is a staff of a war that will last for decades, not a negotiating commission whose task is to reach the implementation of resolution 2254 as soon as possible.

Thirdly, the SNC committed an unforgivable grave mistake through its support - by the extremist forces within it - for the American-British-French aggression on Syria, which became known that the Zionist entity has contributed to the definition of the bank of its objectives (although some components within the SNC have officially expressed their condemnation of the aggression), which is a red line that is not allowed to override.

Moscow Platform, reaffirming its condemnation of the US-led tripartite aggression against Syria, which primarily targeted the political process of Sochi, Astana and Geneva, confirms its determination to counter all attempts and conspiracies aimed at circumventing the UNSC resolution 2254 by inventing new "initiatives" , European and others ...

In this context, Moscow Platform confirms that it continues to work hard to restore the role of the negotiating commission, in cooperation with balanced opposition forces and sincerely seeking a political solution, inside and outside the commission, and we will inform the United Nations and its team about the emerging situation.

Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition
20 April 2018

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