Statement by Media Office of Moscow Platform

Statement by Media Office of Moscow Platform

A few hours ago, a statement was issued by the Media Office of the Syrian Negotiation Commission which "condemns the chemical attack" and demands that "the Syrian issue be presented outside the Security Council".

In this regard, we want to clarify the following:

Firstly, the statement was issued this time, like many times before, without actual consultation with the components of the Commission, and with ignoring of the rejection of presenting the issue «outside the Security Council», therefore this statement is illegal and we declare our rejection of it.

Secondly, the statement in its issued version is a repetition, with little modification, of the statement of the Coalition [for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces] issued today on the same subject, which confirms the attempts of this entity to hegemony and to impose its views and policies on the entire Commission.

Thirdly, the demand for some action from outside the Security Council, which has been repeated by several members of the Commission, particularly those who belong to the Coalition, is nothing but keeping up with the USA policy, which returned today to threatening and preparation for a new strike.
The insistence by a section of the Commission on identification with the American-Western track has only led to serious consequences, and will not lead in the future to anything different...

8 April 2018

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