The Aggression Failed, The New International Balance Strengthened

The Aggression Failed, The New International Balance Strengthened

After a week of threats and vows, and launching of inflammatory statements, the forces of the «New Tripartite Aggression» launched raids on military and civilian sites in Syria on Saturday, 14/4/2018, by the same time at which the mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) started its work in Syria.

The new aggression on Syria – based on fabricated media reports by the intelligence of the forces of aggression claiming a use of chemical weapons – came in response to the recession of armed action and the opening of doors to the political process again. Therefore, this aggression aimed primarily to impede the political solution, and shuffling the cards again for the continuation of the crisis.

People's Will Party, condemning the inherently failed aggression, saluting our air defenses which dropped scores of missiles, reaffirms that the strategic response to any external interference is to accelerate the political solution in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2254, with all of its implications: eradicating terrorism, stopping the humanitarian catastrophe, and the national democratic, radical and comprehensive change.

From the beginning of the provocations by the forces of aggression, the stance of the Russian ally, through its diplomatic and military activity, has been characterized by wisdom and responsibility to prevent the slide into the path of no return, which threatens international peace and security, and thereby has thwarted attempts the West's attempt to employ the present aggression into a comprehensive global confrontation to avenge the changed international balance of power, where the forces of war - with the tools and military forces under their disposal - are trying to invest in the Syrian crisis to push the international situation to the brink of abyss, thereby trying to dump its intractable crisis at the expense of the blood of the peoples of the world.

As we renew our condemnation of this «Tripartite Aggression», we finally confirm that Washington and its allies of today are not the same Washington and its allies of yesterday, and that the force balance that she previously depended on for her blatant interventions around the world are no longer effective to rescue herself. It is rather possible to turn the «New Tripartite Aggression» into the beginning of the end of US practices of desecration, and the end of the era of the new American colonization, as was done in the aggression of 1956 for Britain and France.


People's Will Party

Damascus, 14 April 2018

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