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Palmyra: The Symbolic and Actual Messages

The echoes of the Russian Marinski Theater Music Orchestra echoed around the Syrian historical city of Palmyra, from its historical amphitheater, last Thursday, after a month of its full liberation from terrorist ISIS, keeping in mind that the same amphitheater were used as a show  stage for mass executions of Syrians.

Kassioun's 2013 Panorama

Kassioun had early, since 2002, caught the onsets of the U.S. general decline, depending on an in-depth analysis of the organic and deeply rooted crisis of the world capitalist system, that the USA had tried to circumvent through what it had called the «War against Terrorism», i.e., the campaign that couldn't fulfill its desired goals, leading to the explosion of the financial facet of the crisis in 2008, to be followed by the economic, social and political ones.

South African Embassy in Damascus Ambassador Shaun Byneveldt

Your Excellency,

The People-want Party would like to extend through you to the South African government and people its deepest condolences on the demise of the international freedom- fighter- icon, Nelson Mandela.

Caving in

The scene of September 2001' collapse of New York Trade Center Twin Tower can be considered as a typical example of what the specialists call a "cave in". The basis of a building is being trapped with a special kind of explosives that produce extremely high temperatures which lead to melting its groundwork resulting in the collapse of the same building without affecting the neighboring ones.

A letter to the UN Secretary General and UN Envoy to Syria

The members of the 2nd Conference of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation addressed a universal appeal for all the internal, regional and external powers to lift the siege on the Syrian cities and areas specifically Aleppo being deliberately separated from the rest of the Syrian areas which is threatening the unity of the country and may cause a major humanitarian disaster.

Combating Terrorism and Pre-Geneva Repositioning

The common element in the declared statements by  the different international, regional and domestic parties involved in the Syrian crisis is the talk about the necessity of sorting out a political solution for it. Most of these parties add another talk about the necessity for combating terrorism that exists in Syria or might be started out of the Syrian territories to the outside world.

About PWP

People’s Will Party is the party of the Syrian working class and all the white- and blue-collar laborers. The PWP struggles to realize the national and class interests of these social strata through working on implementing its program, on the national politics level as well as its socio-economic and democratic ones. The PWP aims at building a contemporary socialist society that eliminates all forms of man or nation exploitation and that satisfies the material and moral needs of the society.