The Guarantees and the Concessions

The Guarantees and the Concessions

The media space is filled these days with all kinds of political lies and various types of “proposals for solutions” that have in common the fact that they are all outside UNSC Resolution 2254. One such example is the talk about a “military council”. Moreover, there are those who are deluded or delude others that there is a possibility in Syria for normalization with the Zionist entity, and those who propagate this delusion do not know that whoever takes such a step in Syria is committing a public and free suicide.


What draws attention and calls for scrutiny is not only the fake solutions that are being thrown around the media space, as this issue has become usual within the course of the Syrian crisis. Rather, what is noteworthy is the intensity of these “solutions”, and the amount of hysterical insistence on repeating and emphasizing them using all possible means. This is being done through media outlets that on their face seem to have contradictory positions, and we say “on their face” because the degree of congruence of their deep positions has become more than clear.

The various indicators, including the hysteria cases that we are describing, intersect on one issue, which is that starting the actual implementation of Resolution 2254 has become an objective need that imposes itself more than ever before, regardless of the will of the obstructionists from the various sides. If among the indications that suggest this, is the great acceleration underway in the emergence of the new global balance of powers in different arenas; perhaps more importantly is that the economic living situation of Syrians in the different parts of Syria is very close to accomplishing what ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front were unable to achieve.

The brutal Western blockade and sanctions, in combination and cooperation with the big corruptors and warlords who are in control, are leading Syria and the Syrian people towards a total collapse.

Some may resort to explaining matters in their economic dimension. That is, by saying that the massive scale of the plundering and deterioration of Syrians’ conditions is merely a simple product of Western sanctions and internal corruption. However, the reality of matters seems more complex than that, as the forces of great corruption that dominate the prevailing structure in the country are practicing, intentionally and consciously, the policy of “weakening the resolve of the nation” that aims to bring Syrians into a situation so disastrous and bad that they would be ready to accept any solution whatsoever.

Within all these coordinates, two old-new issues stand out:
First, the concessions: When the extremist sides see that they are bound to go towards a solution, they seek to reduce the concessions offered by each towards the other. This itself leads to further delay in reaching a solution, because the fixed rule in the issue of concessions should be: Concessions from all political sides in favor of one side, the Syrian people.

Secondly, the guarantees: the same applies to the issue of guarantees for the entities and individuals that are being searched for in preparation for a solution. Here, too, everyone should know that the only guarantee for Syria is the Syrian people themselves, and they themselves, the millions of tormented and exhausted people, need a guarantee for their future, their continuance, and the continued existence of their country. Additionally, the Syrian people should not in any way wait to secure guarantees for anyone, no matter who, because such waiting would be completely against any moral, humanitarian, or political norms.

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