For Syria to be Fine…

For Syria to be Fine…

In a few weeks, it will be ten years since the crisis exploded in the country, a crisis that multiplies in severity and pressure every year.


Perhaps one of the top issues of the crisis is the de facto division of the country into three areas of influence over the last few years. The US is shamelessly and blatantly seeking to turn this division into a permanent one. In this, the US is assisted by the extremists from the various Syrian sides by continuing to bet on military solutions; defaming and politically undermining other Syrian sides; obstructing the political solution using various means, including wasting time in the Constitutional Committee; living a state of total denial and separation from the catastrophic reality that people are experiencing; or insisting to live within the bubble of “Syria is fine” or “the region under our control is fine”.

All the while, the disastrous living situation is one in which the average income can no longer cover more than 15% of the cost of essential food and 9% of the minimum standard of living, not to mention the 6.5 million Syrians suffering from food insecurity.

There are nearly 400 thousand casualties, about 12 million Syrians between refugees and internally displaced, more than two million Syrian children are not enrolled in school, nearly 1.3 million who are threatened with deprivation of education, and more than 13 million Syrians in need of medical care.

The above statistics are approximate ones taken from local and UN calculations and estimates, which in most cases they are well below what they are in reality. We can cite many other similar statistics, not to mention ones that are difficult to quantify such as the size of the drug crimes market and human trafficking, as well as the effects of those and others on the social side of things, as well as rates of divorce, domestic violence, children without a guardian or shelter, and many others. Not to mention the types of profound social impacts that cannot be expressed in numbers.

Despite all these disasters and others, the rotten structures of the extremists still see that things are fine as long as they are “under control”, even though this “control” is an illusion that has no basis, which is clearly evident by the total inability to address any of society’s problems, no matter how big or small.

This reality in its various dimensions, despite its disastrousness, is itself the starting point for the future Syria. Therefore, effort should be put forth to prevent it from sliding into more existential disasters and risks, which will continue and deepen as long as the corrupt structures in control remain intact.

What this all means is that the political solution through UNSC Resolution 2254 and opening the door to comprehensive radical change, has become a patriotic entitlement that rises above any other, and the organic correlation between radical change and preventing collapse has become clear to everyone.

Moreover, preventing the collapse of Syria is not only a demand and need for the Syrian people, but it is one of the fundamental issues associated with stabilizing the new international balance within which the Western-Zionist system recedes, and the system of relations based on equal exchange advances.

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