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Al-Waer Neighborhood of Homs between two Jaws

For the third month running, the food, medicines, and basic living stuff are being prevented access to Al-Waer neighborhood in Homs city in central Syria.

Press Release by Dr. Kadri Jamil

As the chairman of Syrian opposition Moscow Platform to Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks, under UN supervision, I would like to introduce, hereafter, a number of remarks on some of the statements made by Mr. Hasan Abdulazim, Head of the National Coordination Committee of the Democratic Change Forces, to Al-Watan Newspaper of Syria, published on May 11, 2016.

A Stone's Throw

The past few days have witnessed the continued escalation and tension attempts that have already preceded, accompanied and followed the most recent rounds of Geneva-3

What lies behind the Joint Russian- US Statement on Syria?

A Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the United States on Syria was issued on May 9, 2016, published by the two countries’ Foreign Ministries. The Statement included three major points: cessation of hostilities, ensuring humanitarian access, supporting the political settlement.

«Vice-Presidents»- The Proposal Embarrassing All..!

The Secular Democratic Delegation, emanating from Moscow-Istana Platforms, to Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks, has recently unveiled the outlines of its proposal presented to the Special Envoy for Syria, Mr. Staffan de Mistura, regarding its vision for the Transitional Period. Media, in general, is dealing and interacting with this proposal, however, with some suspicion and caution.

The Horrifying Living Standards Figures of Syrians in War

The Syrian Pound suffered from a sharp decline vs. the US Dollar, in 2015 and 2016. This has been leading to continuous deterioration of the living standards of the Syrians who still inside the country. The most recent blow the Syrians received was on May 10, 2016, when the Central Bank of Syria, adopted the black  market exchange rate as a new actual high starting point for the green currency at $1/S.P 620..!

Greeting of PWP to LCP on 11th Conference Conclusion

The People’s Will Party of Syria sent the following greeting message to the Lebanese Communist Party on the conclusion of the deliberations of its 11th General Conference, held in Beirut, 22-24 of April 2016.

de Mistura Holds 4 Meetings with Moscow-Cairo- Istana Platforms

Immediately before the closure of the last round of Geneva-3, the Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, held, upon his invitation, a meeting with the delegation of Moscow-Cairo Platforms, for the second time in 24 Hours.