2254 Ends When It Is Fully Implemented

2254 Ends When It Is Fully Implemented

Comments, opinions, and even statements are coming in lately from parties that are contradictory on their face within the “loyalist / opposition” duality, and these comments, opinions, and statements openly intersect and serve each other in the way they consider that the upcoming presidential elections will end UNSC Resolution 2254. They achieve this through either the unfounded claim that these elections will represent implementation of the resolution, or through another allegation that has the same political goal in the end, even if it was disguised with phony words and expressions. The “opposition” claim considers that holding these elections means killing the political solution and Resolution 2254, which implies that the search for a solution should follow a path other than that of the UN Security Council resolution.

As an initial matter, it is useful to recall that this announcement of the death of 2254 is not the first of its kind but was preceded by numerous announcements at every turn along the way of the crisis’s development, from the day following the issuance of the resolution and until this moment. For example, with the start of the Astana process, extremists in the regime went as far as considering the track a substitute for Geneva and for 2254 itself, and the extremists within the opposition agreed with them on this, and the two sides held a virtual media funeral for the international resolution, which as became later clear was not in fact dead. On the contrary, the resolution found in Astana a crucial tool in preparing the conditions on the ground that would allow starting to implement it, by enclosing the military operations until they are ended.

The same was the case with the Sochi Conference, then with the Constitutional Committee, and now the same urgent desire is being repeated by the extremists to declare 2254 dead, based on the elections that will be held on May 26.

As was the case with previous hypothetical claims about the end of the UN resolution, the same is happening again now. The truth of the matter is that these elections have nothing to do with Resolution 2254 and holding them will not change anything with regards to the necessity of fully implementing Resolution 2254.

The implementation of this resolution naturally includes holding presidential and parliamentary elections, but according to a new constitutional basis that Syrians agree upon, under UN supervision, and within the framework of achieving standards of integrity and transparency. Perhaps of the same importance of all of this and possibly more, that all Syrians participate wherever they are, and that the elections are held on the whole geography of Syria, in a way that intercepts and stops the American-Zionist work to transform the de facto partition into a permanent one, by exploiting various tools, loopholes, and errors, including wholesale elections processes that take place separately from each other, each on a part of Syrian territory apart from the other parts.

More important than this and that, is that in accordance with the UN resolution, the elections should be a fundamental tool in implementing “the right of the Syrian people to self-determination” – all the Syrian people and over the entire Syrian territories, far from the power of arms, which is still the main ruler in the various parts of Syria.

Finally, it should be recalled that the UN resolution, which concretely translates an internal national and sovereign issue -- that is, the right of all Syrians to decide their own destiny, not the right of those who are carrying the weapons or the internationally-approved sides to impose their will on the Syrian people), the resolution also translates an international issue related to the new international balance of powers whereby the West along with its followers and agents, regardless of their formal affiliations or slogans, retreat. Additionally, the full implementation of this resolution is a mandatory way not only to protect the unity of Syria and end its crisis, but also to confirm the new international balance.

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