No Alternative to the Solidarity of Patriotic Syrians

No Alternative to the Solidarity of Patriotic Syrians

The astronomically fast collapse that Syrians have been experiencing since the beginning of this year constitutes an ideal environment for the Syrian people’s historical enemies -- those within the regime and within the opposition, and most importantly the Zionist enemy -- to work on breaking down all sorts of values, concepts, and even facts that lie deep within the roots of the Syrian identity. It is what they are actually working on.

What we mean by this are two clear matters among many: The first, is the daily repetitive talk about “normalization” with the Zionist – the source of which is well-known, regardless of the other names and faces it uses to disguise itself -- and the goal is to break down the psychological barrier towards the issue within an “appropriate” point in time based on these people’s assessment. The second matter is to bring up for “discussion” the issue of the unity of Syria itself. Not coincidentally, we hear and see these propositions from the same sides and sources.
Getting this “ideal environment” to its desired end, from the point of view of the enemies of the Syrian people, requires several steps in the regional sense, and several steps within the various regions of Syria. However, the main element in all of this is the continued non-implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, meaning the continued control of the extremists from all sides, and the continued de facto partitioning.
In this context, attention should be paid to two issues:
First, if an international consensus occurs soon, this certainly can seriously push towards a solution and towards preserving the unity of Syria. What is absolutely impermissible, however, is to wait for such a consensus to occur, especially since the US has clearly moved from working within the coordinates of “stalemate is stability”, to detonating that “stability” itself, by strengthening the isolation and de facto partitioning. It has done that using numerous weapons, among which are sanctions and wholesale “democratic processes”, which all have one thing in common: that they are taking place and will take place under the influence of the controlling weapons in each region separately. If waiting for an international consensus is unacceptable from the patriotic point of view, then accelerating the consensus of patriotic Syrian will help bring that consensus closer, and even imposing it if the degree of consensus among Syrians is high.
The second issue is that one of the main tools to obstruct the implementation of 2254, and thus to perpetuate the “ideal environment”, is the way in which the official formations engaged in the negotiation were drawn, in which an intense Western intervention contributed to keeping its outcome continuously zero and obstructive of the solution.
The two issues together, lead to a clear conclusion that patriotic Syrian on all sides must rush to join hands with each other to establish a recipe that truly serves the solution and serves to end the Syrian catastrophe while preserving the unity of Syria and its patriotic anti-Zionist position.
In concrete terms, as a step in this direction, there is no alternative to the solidarity of the patriotic opposition forces that are committed to comprehensive radical change and through Resolution 2254 as an entry point, in order to secure the right of the Syrian people to self-determination.

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