On the Anniversary of Evacuation Day, the Great Independence Awaits its Patriotic Fighters

On the Anniversary of Evacuation Day, the Great Independence Awaits its Patriotic Fighters

The Syrian people, from the dark depths of the crisis, with their hearts exhausted by the pains and wounds of the catastrophic reality in which they and their beloved country are living, look to the memory of the great Evacuation, with hearts full of great hope and unyielding will inspired by the patience, courage, asceticism, and wisdom of the early fathers whose circumstances were no less difficult or cruel: Yusef al-Azma, Sultan Pasha al-Atrash, Saleh al-Ali, Abd al-Rahman al-Shahbandar, Muhammad al-Ashmar, Ibrahim Hananu, Hassan al-Kharrat, Ramadan Pasha Shalash, and Fawzi al-Qawuqji.

We can learn many lessons from the great Evacuation and from its architects. These lessons are most needed considering the conditions that the country is going through, including the “de facto partition”; the domination of domestic and foreign plunderers through oppression, sanctions, and maltreatment of Syrians; and the domination and control of arms over the will of Syrians. Certainly, there are two basic lessons among these lessons:

First: The independence of Syria has not been fully achieved yet, and was not even before 2011. Independence in its political sense is not complete without real economic independence, and the latter cannot be achieved in contemporary circumstances except when the authority is truly in the hands of the people and works in the interest of the people.

Second: The unity of Syria and Syrians has become a recipe against the interests of all kinds of great corruptors, extremists, and warlords from the different sides, as well as against the interests of the colonial West in its various modern versions. This is so because this unity puts an end to the situation in which the plundered are divided and positioned in opposite trenches in order to kill each other and have their blood and pains feed the assets of the “lords”. Therefore, the continuation of the de facto partition is not the recipe that only the French colonizer preferred to deal with our ancestors, but also the recipe for extremists and the forces of great corruption in dealing with us.

Thus, we have to unite our ranks, as our ancestors did, and before us is a compounded and more complex task than the one they accomplished, which is to achieve political independence by expelling all foreign forces from the country, especially the Zionist forces from the occupied Syrian Golan. Political independence is also achieved through the full implementing of UNSC Resolution 2254, which is no longer just a tool to solve the Syrian crisis, but has also become a tool to defend the territorial integrity of Syria and the Syrians’ right to self-determination. Moreover, we must achieve the task of economic independence, which begins with having Syrians put their hands on the resources of their country and stop the plundering thereof, and then building a true production economy governed by a fair distribution of wealth for the benefit of the producers.

The Syrian people, with their patriotic fighters, are able to do that!

The ultimate salute to the memory of the great Evacuation is through patriotic work to complete it by retaking the country and extracting it back from the hands of the domestic and foreign plunderers. This is the task around which Syrian patriots from all sides must assemble and concentrate.

Long live a united, free, and dignified Syria!

Long live the great Syrian people!


The People’s Will Party

Damascus, 17 April 2021

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