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(In Defense) of the Government and on the Offensive against (the Whale Floating in the Pond)

The Minister of Economy appeared in an interview on the Syrian Satellite Channel on March 24, 2021 talking about the economic situation, and his speech is said to ignore the (elephant in the room) or perhaps more precisely the (whale floating in the pond) because it describes our situation better! He spoke at length about the government’s endeavors and efforts, and ignored the fact that the government’s actions are practically without effect! However, this article is considered (in defense of the government) being an apparatus with limited capabilities that has to carry the burdens of others.

No Alternative to the Solidarity of Patriotic Syrians

The astronomically fast collapse that Syrians have been experiencing since the beginning of this year constitutes an ideal environment for the Syrian people’s historical enemies -- those within the regime and within the opposition, and most importantly the Zionist enemy -- to work on breaking down all sorts of values, concepts, and even facts that lie deep within the roots of the Syrian identity. It is what they are actually working on.

“Weakening the Resolve of the Nation” Policies

The exchange rate of the dollar in the “black” market, that is, on the actual market and in the stores, rose from about 3700 Syrian pounds to the dollar at the end of last month to about 4700 on the 17th of this month, and then went back down to 3700 again, and the fluctuation continues.

The Price that “Israel” Will Pay

Some reduce the destructive role played by the Zionist entity in Syria to the air attacks, which have increased in frequency since the crisis broke out in 2011 and have drastically increased in intensity since around 2018.

10 Years Later… the Popular Movement Will Return

Ten years have passed since the popular movement took off in Syria, with all the hopes and bitterness that those years held within their folds, not to mention the suppression, violence, killings, arrests, displacement, cold, hunger, terrorism, and foreign interventions.

Astana and Sochi, Now What?

Four years have passed since the Astana track started, and three years since Sochi, and the two tracks have played a crucial role that can be summarized in the following main points:
First: The two tracks, particularly after the dead end the Geneva track kept on hitting for several years, were able to prevent the political process from being buried as the West had sought, and as the extremist Syrian sides wanted.

The Right to Self-Determination Terminology

The crux of the political proposition promoted by the extremists is that the ongoing conflict is merely a “struggle for power”. In this manner, they are trying to undermine the right of the Syrian people to self-determination, which constitutes the essence of UNSC Resolution 2254, and turn it into the “right” of the political sides to share power over the Syrian people, or the “right of the victor” among them to monopolize that power.

The Guarantees and the Concessions

The media space is filled these days with all kinds of political lies and various types of “proposals for solutions” that have in common the fact that they are all outside UNSC Resolution 2254. One such example is the talk about a “military council”. Moreover, there are those who are deluded or delude others that there is a possibility in Syria for normalization with the Zionist entity, and those who propagate this delusion do not know that whoever takes such a step in Syria is committing a public and free suicide.


The Size of the Bubble… and the Size of the Opportunity

Talk about a “military council leading the transitional phase” is still going on in the media outlets and social media platforms. It is understandable that some Syrians, through their interaction therewith are expressing their urgent need to get out of the catastrophic and deadly swamp of the grinding crisis that has been going on for 10 years, even if by “clinging to invisible ropes”. However, what must be understood are the objectives of those who manufacture the invisible ropes and get people embroiled in clinging thereto.

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