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Kassioun Editorial 1149: Their Defeat is Inevitable!

In the mid-1990s, many were crying over the ruins of the Soviet Union and submitting to the proclamations of the end of history and the final victory of the West and capitalism. Meanwhile, we said that this particular collapse would pave the way towards a complete exposure of the global capitalist crisis, which would lead towards a rapid decline of the Western system leading to its collapse. This is what happened and is happening, though we were accused of insanity at the time.

Press Release from the Front for Change and Liberation (Moscow Platform)

Tomorrow, Saturday, a regular meeting of the Syrian Negotiating Commission will be held, and today a meeting took place between the members of the commission and the special envoys for the Syrian file of a group of countries, including the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Kassioun Editorial 1148: Two Outcomes to the Arab-Islamic Summit

An extraordinary joint Arab-OIC summit was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday November 11, 2023, under the title “Discussing the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people”. The summit concluded with issuing a final statement that included 31 items, most of which focused on “denuncing and condemning”, without any accompanying concrete actions, except within narrow limits.

Kassioun Editorial 1147: Who Are Enemies of the “Flood” and How Do They Show Their Hostility?

Forces hostile to the “al-Aqsa Flood” are divided – at the local, regional, and international levels – into two basic categories: overt enemies and covert enemies.
As for the overt enemies, it is not difficult to pinpoint them; they are headed by Washington, along with majority of Western governments and the “Abraham Accords” governments, who do not try to contain their hostility not only to Palestinian resistance, but also to Palestine and the Palestinian people, who stand as an impenetrable barrier to all their plans and undermine them altogether.

Kassioun Editorial 1146: How Can Syria Have an Effective Role in The Battle?

On Monday, October 23, the “Arab World Press” (Arabic) quoted Mr. Boutros Merjaneh, a member of the Syrian People’s Assembly and head of its Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee, as saying: “I believe that the current situation may be too complicated for Syria to take any military action against Israel at the present time”. It is not known whether this opinion is his personal opinion, the opinion of the committee, or an expression of the opinion of others who are not expressing their opinion. In any case, it is a statement that brings to the fore a very important question: How can Syria have an effective role in the ongoing battle? This battle does not concern Palestine alone, but rather concerns the entire region, and concerns Syria in particular, perhaps more so than others.

Bogdanov and Jamil’s Meeting Discusses Developments in Palestine and Syria

Today, Wednesday, the Special Representative of the Russian President for Middle Eastern and African Affairs, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, met with the representative of the leadership of the Syrian Opposition Front for Change and Liberation, head of the Moscow Platform for the Syrian Opposition, and Secretary of the Popular Will Party, Dr. Kadri Jamil.

Kassioun Editorial 1144: Features of a New “Suez” in the Horizon

If the Zionists launch a ground invasion of Gaza, it is very possible that this invasion will turn into the last adventure undertaken by the Zionist entity. This is because doing so automatically means expanding the scope of the war, so that it includes all of Palestine, and in a much more effective way than it is now. It also means expanding it towards the region, with all the major risks that this entails for the Zionist entity itself before anyone else, and with it its allies who will not survive the direct effects on them, their interests, and their troops in the region.