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Kassioun Editorial 1035: On the Meanings of the Daraa Agreement stars

Things have calmed down in Daraa al-Balad during the past week with the reaching of an agreement under Russian auspices and with Russian monitoring of implementation, though there is still a certain degree of tension in other parts of the Daraa governorate.

7 Questions Regarding the “Arab” Gas Pipeline stars

The past few weeks have witnessed a lot of talk about what is being called the “Arab Gas Pipeline”, which is supposed to start from Egypt, going through Jordan, to Syria and Lebanon. Additionally, one of the pipeline’s branches will reach – according to the Egyptian media – between the Egyptian Arish and occupied Ashkelon, with the possibility of an additional branch reaching Iraq.

Kassioun Editorial 1034: NO to All Forms of Displacement stars

The crisis in its newest side in the Syrian governorate of Daraa is still ongoing, with no solutions. This crisis in itself has become additional evidence, not of a situation specific to one part of Syria, but to the overall Syrian situation for years. The situation is intensifying in that every new crisis that emerges – starting with the chronic living crises in the various forms, to security, political, and social crises – gets added to the preceding crises and remains unresolved, even increasing in severity as time passes.

A Syrian Lesson in Detachment from Reality: Ignoring the Economic Collapse.

What is the reality you imagine when the executive authorities in a country talk about topics such as: alternative energy, service automation, and attracting investment? Such topics can be sub-tasks in the agenda of a region or local government within a stable country. However, surprisingly, they are main topics in Syria 2021: the year that is witnessing the most severe socio-economic collapse within the ten years of the greatest humanitarian disaster after WW2!

More than 3 Million are Injured in Syria; A Comprehensive File; and A Mock Management

In 2017, the World Health Organization estimated that nearly 3 million people in Syria are war-injured, and are suffering from disabilities at different levels. That is, nearly 15% of the population in Syria back then were living with the pain and the direct consequences of war on their bodies. The vast majority of them are forgotten, and they are not surrounded by any “special care” or compensation, not even by the cameras of international organizations.

Kassioun Editorial 1033: Why the Continuing Tension in Daraa? stars

More than two months have passed since the beginning of the latest tension in the Syrian province of Daraa, particularly around the neighborhood of Daraa al-Balad, which is inhabited by more than 50,000 Syrians.

Kassioun Editorial 1032: The Popular Movement and 2254 stars

“The popular movement is an objective and positive phenomenon that expresses at the core the needs and requirements of a society, which would not have appeared with such intensity at times had it not been for the delay, failure, and arrogance in admitting to the size of the accumulated problems”.

The Living Expenses in July 2021: 1.5 Million per Month

The living expenses of a family of five in Damascus have increased in mid-2021 to reach 1240 thousand Syrian pounds. That is according to Kassioun’s index based on 8 basic needs: food, housing, transportation, healthcare, clothing, education, household furniture, telecommunication, in addition to a proportion of 8% for other emergency needs.

Oil and Electricity; What is Said on Official Media vs. What Reality Says.

The production of electricity in Syria is becoming an important indicator of the level of economic deterioration. While those concerned with the energy sector (producing and generating oil and gas) talk about prospects for the future amidst deterioration, indicators related to the political economic structure of contracts and partnerships limit the serious possible improvement in the situation of electricity production.

Kassioun Editorial 1031: What Does Liberating the Golan Mean?

Although during the past ten years there have been some who sought to exclude the issue of the occupied Syrian Golan from the Syrian crisis scene, the realities during these years and the many preceding decades reaffirm that this issue is fundamental to the Syrian issue as a whole.

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