No to Turkish Aggression, Yes to Political Solution

No to Turkish Aggression, Yes to Political Solution

Turkey today began its blatant aggression against northeastern Syria under the pretext of protecting its national security, based on its ongoing intimidation from the “Kurdish threat”.

We in People's Will Party condemn this aggression, which can never be justified by any reason, and call for its immediate cessation, and we call for commitment to work within the Astana format and within the framework of international law.

The US presence on Syrian soil has been and continues to be illegal presence which must be terminated, and the US incitement of the Turks to enter the northeastern part of Syria is intended to provoke confusion over the process of political solution that is now on the threshold of the first meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Committee.

The various types of crises and differences between the Syrian parties, including the Kurdish issue, must be resolved within the framework of the Syrian dialogue and the political process regulated by the UNSC Resolution 2254, which is the only way to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria. Continutation of this aggression can never be accepted in any form, and it must stop immediately without any delay.

The Syrian people will never accept any occupation, and will resist it as it has always done throughout its history.

People's Will Party
October, 9, 2019