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Kassioun Editorial 1179: The Old Dies and the New is Born, in Europe Too!

The recent European Parliament elections results have been the focus of continued and widespread global attention. The coverage has included the news and analysis of the results, in addition to attempts to predict the near future of Europe and the world based on these results.

Kassioun Editorial 1178: Execution of Subsidies!

Over the past few days, there has been renewed talk about replacing “in-kind subsidies” or “consumer subsidies” with what is being called “cash compensation” or “cash support”.

Kassioun Editorial 1177: Western Promises... the Road to Hell!

The “step for step” project, sponsored by the US, for which it employs the Europeans and some Arabs as a front, is still the main password for interpreting many details of what is happening in the Syrian file at the local, regional, and international levels.

Kassioun Editorial 1176: “Victory is in Sight!”

Despite the enormous complexity of the scene and its details, the picture of the conflict that the Palestinian resistance is waging is becoming clearer. Among the complex details of the scene, the following basic aspects can be noted:

Kassioun Editorial 1172: America’s Protests: A Beginning and What’s Coming is Greater!

The history of student movements in Western countries, and also in the world, teaches us that their deepest causes have always been internal, not external. Although their trigger was often related to foreign policies, as in the case of Vietnam, South Africa, and now Palestine, their deep foundation was always linked to internal crises, especially their socioeconomic and political-democratic dimensions.

Kassioun Editorial 1171: The Iranian Attack and “Tom & Jerry”

Two opinions are being promoted in some media outlets, and within Syrian political and general public circles, regarding the Iranian attack on “Israel” on April 14. The first opinion considers what happened to be mere theatrics directed by the US and performed by both Iran and Israel”, in a similar style to “Tom & Jerry”. The second opinion is that we, as Syrians, have no business in this conflict, and nothing will come to us from it except losses.

Kassioun Editorial 1170: The “Israeli” Predicament is Deepening Daily

Over 190 days have passed since the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation started, followed by the barbaric aggressive war on the Gaza Strip, and all that is happening in parallel of criminal retaliatory behavior in the West Bank and strikes on Syria and Lebanon. It is by far the longest war in the entire history of the Zionist entity, and it has not achieved any of its declared goals. Moreover, its predicament at the various levels is becoming deeper and more complex, while carrying the seeds of a comprehensive change in the entire system of the region. The unprecedented direct Iranian strikes on the Zionist entity are only one feature of that change.