Statement by Front for Change and Liberation on the Turkish Aggression

Statement by Front for Change and Liberation on the Turkish Aggression

For the second day, Turkey continues its aggression against northeastern Syria, under various pretexts, chiefly the claim of "protecting Turkish national security".

We in the Front for Change and Liberation condemn this blatant aggression which is unjustifiable in any form or under any pretext, and demand its immediate cessation, recalling that the long history of the Syrian people leaves no doubt that it will resist any aggression and occupation of any part of its territory regardless of its internal political differences.

Condemning this aggression, the Front calls for not forgetting for a moment the US incitement and US push towards this aggression, through which Washington seeks to slow the progress achieved along the Astana process, pursuing continuation of the disaster, and attempting to compensate for the qualitative decline in the weight of the West in The Syrian Question.

The Syrian people, seeking to get out of their profound crisis through a comprehensive political solution based on the UNSC resolution 2254, will not depart from this destination, and at the same time they have not accepted, and will not accept, any occupation whatsoever, and will resist it, as they have done throughout their history.

Front for Change and Liberation
October, 10, 2019

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