Why to evade condemning violations of «Al-Nusra Front»?!

Why to evade condemning violations of «Al-Nusra Front»?!

Press Release by Moscow Platform

On the evening of Saturday, November 10, Mr. Nasr al-Hariri, head of the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC), launched a series of tweets on his Twitter page on behalf of SNC, in which he condemned the regime's violation of the Sochi Agreement on Thursday, the 8th of this month. He added that this proves the obstructing role of the political process by the regime, its supporters, the obscurant terrorist forces and their supporters...

In this regard, we explain the following:

1. The group of tweets launched by Mr. Nasr was part of a draft statement that was being worked out among the representatives of the SNC but was not agreed upon.

2. The reason for the lack of agreement is our demand of condemnation of the violations by all parties, which was not only committed on Thursday, but also before and after, as well as our demand to condemn Al-Nusra Front and its allies, under any name, as frequent violators of the agreement. our demanding of this was faced by objection of one representative of a component in SNC, on pretext that condemnation of Al-Nusra Front is not of our tasks, and that we should leave the matter to the regime to go and complain from Al-Nusra Front to the United Nations. Moreover, this representative even considered that what Al-Nusra Front did was "a response to the regime's violation", which clearly means justification of that "response".

It is not new for the leadership of SNC to jump above consensus, and to export political positions that do not reflect a representation of the SNC as a whole, but of that part of it which is completely identified with the so-called Small Group, and the leadership of SNC is doing this almost daily, but doing this circumvention in line with those who do not consider Condemning Al-Nusra one of "our tasks", is something that requires from us not only to declare our innocence of these tweets attributed to the SNC, but also to show our position and our independent face, as usual. Further more, this lays on us the responsibility to put the whole matter in the hands of the Syrians, repeating our question: what does it mean to evade mentioning the name of «Al-Nusra Front» and condemning its violations?!

The Syrian Negotiation Commission is one of the tools to implement UNSC resolution 2254, which is the only and mandatory corridor to end the Syrian humanitarian catastrophe, ann to let the Syrian people have the right to self-determination and open the door for them to formulate their country and political system in a way that serve themselves and serve their future generations., We, in Moscow Platform, will continue to work with rationalists and patriots inside and outside the SNC, to push towards the full implementation of the resolution 2254, and will spare no effort nor way to reach this end.

Moscow Platform of Syrian Opposition
11 November 2018

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