Press Release by Moscow Platform

Press Release by Moscow Platform

A statement was issued today on behalf of the Syrian Negotiating Commission on the work done during its periodic meeting. Our representative has recorded his objection to two points in the statement. His objection has not been taken into consideration by the Commission. It is therefore necessary to clarify that our position on these two points is contrary to the position mentioned in the Commission's statement:

First, regarding the position on the issue of reconstruction: The statement goes to support the Western behavior that politicizes the issue of reconstruction and links it to the achievement of a political solution, thus reducing the issue from a humanitarian supra-political issue to a political issue and a blackmail paper within the international conflict on Syria. The statement ignores that the Small Group is practicing dual behavior in this matter: the funds began to flow to a specific section of the Syrian territory under American influence under a deceptive title (the restoration of stability), while continuing the economic sanctions on Syria, which affect only the general Syria people, while the great corruptors managed to turn these sanctions into a mine of gold, by tightening their monopoly on a large number of essential goods.

Second, regarding the position of appointing the third third of the Constitutional Commission: On this issue too, the position in the statement is consistent with Western positions that insist that the United Nations represented by Mr. de Mistura is the only party concerned with naming the third third, which contradicts the Sochi statement, and even the UNSC resolution 2254, because this would make the issue get out of the hands of the Syrians to put it in the hands of the United Nations, while what is required is the consensus between the opposition and the regime to name the third third, and this is the only possible way to resolve this issue...

It is astonishing in the positions of some of the opposition, that on the one hand they accuse de Mistura that he is "pro-Russian" while when matters come to a real juncture, they insist that he is the one who should appoint the third third!

Saturday 20 October 2018

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