May Day Statement by People's Will Party

May Day Statement by People's Will Party

The anniversary of the International Labor Day for this year coincides with an important juncture that our nation is passing through: A turning point for salvation from war and beginning of the real political solution sought by our great people – the solution which will ensure a radical and comprehensive national democratic change, which its achievement have been impeded by all beneficiaries from the continuation and perpetuation of the national crisis and catastrophe, and who keep pushing, by various means, toward despair of any possibility of salvation.

You workwomen and workmen!

The Syrian working class, during struggle against the forces of exploitation, have got rich experience, and achieved many gains, until it became an important force of national and social struggle. In light of the current situation, the attack on its rights and gains, which have been obtained in previous stages, intensified because of the adoption of neoliberal economic policies, which means, in essence, removing the state from its true economic and social role, and handing over the neck of the country and the people to the knife of the forces of the major corruption, by weakening and paralyzing the state public sector, and its various sub-sectors, through many legislations and laws, being issued and applied in accelerated frequency. For example: the law of (private-public) partnership; the New Investment Law; opening the door wide to importation, replacing local national products; closure of factories and expelling thousands of workers out to the labor market looking for new jobs, which raises unemployment rates and widens the circle of poverty among workers.

O you who work with their muscles and brains!

The basic alternative of the Syrian working class is to confront destructive economic policies by strengthening its class unity, by its clarity of vision; having the tools to defend its rights; strengthening and consolidating the labor union organization, which derives its legitimacy from representing and defending the following fundamental rights and interests of the working class:

1 - Stop the adoption of such a position as "we and the government are one team".

2 - Formulate a clear position to counter the destructive economic policies of national economy, which deprive the rights and interests of workers.

3 - Ensuring of labor unions' freedoms, and democratic freedoms for the working class.

4 - Struggle to raise wages to catch up with the rising prices.

5 - Open the wage ceiling for workers in the state sector.

6 - Adopting the right of strike for the working class, which is a constitutional right.

7 - Amend and change the labor laws to prevent arbitrary dismissal and ensure the continuity of workers' labor, which is a constitutional right, and the state is mandated to fulfill.

8 - Restitution of social security funds seized by successive governments, because these funds belong to the workers.

A tribute to the international working class in its struggle against all forms of exploitation. A tribute to the Syrian working class in its class struggle for its rights and its national struggle to preserve the unity, sovereignty and independence of the country.

Peoples Will Party

30/ 04/ 2018

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