Statement by Moscow Platform on Al-Ghouta and Stirring up the Chemical Issue Again

Statement by Moscow Platform on Al-Ghouta and Stirring up the Chemical Issue Again

Recent events related to the Eastern Gouta indicate that the complexity of the situation and the obstruction of the solution that has been on the horizon for some days, have been aimed at reaching the current situation today, that is, the stirring up of the issue of Chemical attacks again, up to Western escalation in general, and specifically the US threats of executing a direct military strike under the pretext of protecting civilians, aiming at extending the crisis and attrition for extra time.

We, in the Moscow platform, condemn any use of chemical weapons, from any side, and demand a rapid, professional and non-politicized investigation to reach at the truth.

We also call for the protection of civilians from all kinds of targeting, not allowing of taking them as hostages, and protecting them from all threats.

Implementation of any external threat, the failed repeated scenario, is designed to impede a solution in which the West can not play a role, because they do not want it at all. What is going on today by the Western powers and their tools is a response to the results of the Ankara summit and the results of what is going on in Ghouta, where the magic turned on the magician. The end of the war and fighting in Ghouta is the beginning of the long-awaited political solution to restore Syria's unity and sovereignty, its people's right of self-determination away from any tutelage. This is guaranteed by resolution 2254, which was, and still, the right path to the solution in Syria through its main course in Geneva and its supporting tracks in Astana and Sochi.

8 April 2018

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