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The Last Attempts of Obstruction

The forces of obstruction have spared no effort, since the Geneva 1 Communiqué up to the present date, to prevent the political solution. With every step of progress in the political process, and whenever the circumstances became suitable for turning this process into concrete procedures, these forces used to resort to escalation in many forms: military, diplomatic, political and media, to abort the progress.

Real Solution vs. Mined Solution

Opponents of the political solution tried to mix the cards again in the Syrian crisis, after bombing of the situation in the north of Syria, the Turkish aggression on Afrin, and the «non-paper» of the five states group.

The Political Solution… New Momentum

The negative atmosphere that followed the eighth round of Geneva has not lasted for more than a few days, as the Russian “dynamo” moved, and the wheel of the political process was hastened, spinning with a new acceleration. The overall political process has been mobilized, through three channels together: (Geneva – Sochi – Astana). The three meetings were scheduled to be held within the next two months, which strikes out the predictions of the “oracles” of the various kinds, who rushed to write obituary notices of Geneva and the political solution.

The Reasons for not Joining, and What's Next..?!

1- The decision by the Syrian Opposition Change and Liberation Front of not taking part is circumstantial, and has to do with the Riyadh group domination over the formation of the Syrian opposition delegation to Geneva. That platform has practically mourned the upcoming round through its Feb 11 statement that falls in contradiction with the UNSC Resolution 2254.

Statement by Change and Liberation Front

After years of envisaging the choice of the political solution, and after having this choice  being established as the only solution for the Syrian crisis, the leadership of the Change and Liberation Front declares that , under the current conditions, it is not going to take part in the upcoming round of Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks. This comes as a protest against the conduct of the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, that gives special advantages to the Riyadh platform, enabling it from controlling the opposition delegation, despite its Feb 11 statement that violates the UNSCR 2254, and despite its well known positions during the previous rounds, all resulting in blowing up every effort to reach a political solution.

«Vienna»: The Apparent and Latent

The last Tuesday meeting of the International Syria Support Group was accompanied with a dark media campaign over the prospect of the political solution in Syria and it’s timeframes, particularly as the date for the 3rd round of Geneva-3 has not been defined, so far.

Bogdanov and Jamil: A thorough, Consistent and Fruitful Negotiation Nature is needed in Geneva

The Special Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation for Middle Eat and North Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Michael Bogdanov, discussed in details with Dr. Kadri Jamil, the Co-chairman of Moscow-Istana  Platforms to Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks, Secretary of People’s Will Syrian Opposition Party, the current stage of the Syrian peace process in Geneva, under UN supervision, with laying emphasis on the need to add  a thorough,  consistent and fruitful nature over it, in accordance with the UNSCR  2254.

Lavarov’s Meeting with Syrian opposition representatives focuses on «Geneva» resumption

 At 17:30, Vienna local time, the meeting concluded between the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavarov, and the co-chairs of Moscow-Istana delegation to Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks, Kadri Jamil and Randa Kasis, and Khaled Issa, the representative of the Democratic Party, that is still excluded from these talks, so far.